Love and lust

It's after the battle of hogwarts and Harry and The golden trio has moved on but some have not will Lucius be able to mend his Relationship with Narcissa before it's too Late? And will draco forgive his father?


4. On a mission

Lucius are you out of your mind asked Minerva. I hate to say this Lucius but are you really that stupid?! Severus she snapped. well we're talking about digging up the dark Lord. His followers will have a field day Azkaban will become a night club you'll have given the dementors  a reason to come back to Hogwarts and pat us all down shouted Minerva. Enough shouted Molly Weasly lets give him  the benefit of the doubt. I'm sorry Lucius but this just cant be done said Minerva calmly. you don't know that he answered back. Lucius what is it you need from us dear? He stuttered but then spoke I need one of Dumbledore's memories the one in which contains the sorcerer's stone. Lucius it was destroyed she answered him in a sorrowful tone. Well their must be some other way he stammered. there but be one but it was never found. Narcissa is dying please just help me. oh Lucius said Minerva you'll get her killed faster on the man hunt of yours. please he begged. there might be another way said molly but you must ask harry to help you theres a book of spells that Bellatrix had been left by voldomort and she's in Azkaban you'll have to have harry access  his memories to find were it was hided in there is a solution . I'm afraid that is all the help I can provide. that you molly thank you very much. so he set off to the burrow to ask for harry's assistance

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