Love and lust

It's after the battle of hogwarts and Harry and The golden trio has moved on but some have not will Lucius be able to mend his Relationship with Narcissa before it's too Late? And will draco forgive his father?


2. Mending wrongs

The next day draco went to see his mother in the home. Draco! Narcissa exclaimed your here. Hello mother was all he could manage to say. Well come inside I've missed you so. Hello father  he mumbled. She through on a white nightgown and then gave her son a hug. I've been telling your father to call you for weeks. Have you now? son Lucius warned. It flashes back to when Lucius and Narcissa  were younger. Lucius im with child. what? with child?! oh my lord and this is the first time you are mentioning this to me Narcissa?! yes im sorry I did not mean to upset you Lucius. upset what im not upset im just shocked it took us so little time for us to it flashes back Narcissa is crying.  its alright ciss please don't cry im here right here he whispered in her ear Im right here.its okay mum said draco trying to calm her he attempts to leave the room Lucius stops him.Draco please stay he mumbled.Draco bent down and took his mother in his arms and he cried with her.its okay mum its gonna be alright. Draco mumble Narcissa I need you please stay she sobbed. Im not leaving you.He stayed for the afternoon then left to go back to the burrow. Lucius still lay there while Narcissa slept in a coma fashion.He kissed his wife and a tear spilled down his face. He was distraught to see her in such pain then a thought came to his mind he would make up with his son and restore Narcissa's youth. Though how would he do the second task? He knew what he must do he had to Make an elixir of life to do this he had to seek help from the dark lord himself and he was dreading this very much.


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