Love and lust

It's after the battle of hogwarts and Harry and The golden trio has moved on but some have not will Lucius be able to mend his Relationship with Narcissa before it's too Late? And will draco forgive his father?


6. Escaping azkaban

Bella was still running through the walls now with dementors on her heels. Harry she tried it had been to long and she could not find harry anywhere. she kept up her running through the maze of cells until she heard someone yell. Expecto patronum Harry bellowed trying to subdue the dementors. Potter you dumb git ,run you idiot magic doesn't work in here. The dementor turned to her. Bellatrix run Harry commanded. she tried turning the other direction but it was not successful. she could feel the coldness creeping in and the happiness leaving her grasp. Harry turned and ran from the scene he traced his steps and found Lucius out cold along with the bottle of blood spilled. come on Lucius she needs you come on get up. Potter he's gone you've got to get yourself out of here. No he can't die then she'll die too. Come on she coaxed him up you've got to finish what he started save my sister please... Harry rose to his feet and then helped Bellatrix to hers. Lets get out of here she stammered. but we cant just leave him here. we have no choice potter. once they got back inside Hogwarts they met Draco and Lilly in the hall way snogging. Lilly Luna Potter harry snapped. Where's my father asked Draco with fear in his voice. Their was silence no one spoke as they all apperated to Godricks hollow. Draco come on said Bella we haven't got any time to waste your mother's dying. Potter? yeah Draco? thanks. for what? you saving my mothers life. we've got to hurry said Lilly. Lilly said harry you go with Draco alright ? Gladly she said with smirk on her face. You should really be in slytherin Draco whispered sweetly. As they approached the grave harry felt a lump in his throat. That's were grandmother was buried . Dad are you alright? Let's just get this done Lilly alright? Harry took bellatrix's arm and spread the blood into the stone carefully while sobbing normally Draco would have called harry a wuss but have just lost his father he didn't know what to say so he put an arm around him. Does anyone else hear that? Lilly asked. Lilly get down Draco yelled . Get her out of here it's me they want it's me.. You want me come and get me you big hooded idiot. Is she mad? I don't know said harry trying to frantically shove Lilly into the car. Who is dumb enough to piss off a dementor asked Lilly. What are doing?! What does it look like I'm doing I'm saving your ass said Lilly. Expecto patronum. Lilly had cast a very large doe into the air once it was gone. Bellatrix said to Lilly I think I owe you one. Thought there were more. Expecto patronum she tried but it was no use. Lilly just give up said Bellatrix. I've killed people I belong in Azkaban. You are not a murder Lilly shouted sobbingly.Lilly come on Draco commanded. Just get her out of here I'm past saving. When they got back to the car Lilly was inconsolable. We have to get to Malfoy manner. While they drove Draco tried to console her. They had arrived as fast as they possibly could but it was too late.

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