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1. ARA Fraud & Forensic Services: Fraud & HR Investigations

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' survey found that fraud costs small businesses 5% of its revenues.

All businesses regardless of size, annual revenue, number of employees or industry are at risk of fraud. A recent survey by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that a business owner could experience a median of an 18-month period where a fraud situation goes undetected costing the business thousands of dollars. The same survey showed that businesses typically lose 5 percent of annual revenue due to fraud. These are staggering numbers. For most business owners, a 5 percent loss in revenue is the difference between staying in business and having to close.

At ARA Fraud & Forensic Services, a leading business fraud prevention and detection firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, our professional team of experts is knowledgeable in fraud investigations,HR investigations, fraud risk assessments, and fraud prevention.

ARA has services to handle the following types of fraud and HR investigations, including by not limited to:

Financial statement fraud Employee theft and embezzlement Misappropriation of assets and funds Vendor fraud Civil and criminal litigation Not-for-Profit fraud Cyber Crime fraud Healthcare Fraud Sexual Harassment Workplace Violence Workplace discrimination Conflict of interest

As a business owner, if you suspect one of your employees of fraudulent behavior, or if you are an attorney or financial services professional who has a client in need of a fraud invesigator, the professionals at ARA provide thorough, timely and achievable solutions to your situation as a business owner or your client's situation.

The ARA team handles all aspects of the investigation from the initial engagement up to and including the prosecution of the individual(s). Additionally, the ARA team works with clients to avoid the risk of fraud from occurring in the future.

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