His kid

What happens when Niall leaves Mary for a model then 3 years later comes back and sees mary for the first time but has a child and Niall doesn't know the child is his will there be romance or will Mary hate Niall forever.


2. seeing him

Mary pov:

I decided to take Carrie to the park while I use my phone and while I was using my phone I heard screaming from my left side the I turned around to see lots of teenagers screaming there heads off then I went to check on Carrie but she was gone!! I started crying because I couldn't find her I was scared that I lost her for good but I couldn't let that happen because she was everything I had that I love!!

Niall pov:

A little girl came running to me crying and I asked her if she was lost and she said yes so I told her that I was gonna help her find her mom I asked her what her name is and she said Carrie I actually like that name then I asked her what her mom name was and she said Mary and that reminded me of a girl I used to date she was the love of my life I loved her but then I had to break up with her because of stupid management. Then I saw this girl crying so I tapped her shoulder and asked if she was alright and she said no because she lost her daughter and I asked her what her name was and she said Carrie and u said found her and when she turned around I couldn't believe who it was!!

Mary pov:

When I turned around I saw Niall the person I didn't want to see but the first thing I did was hug my baby girl then Niall said you have a daughter and u said yea when you left I got another boyfriend and then I got pregnant so yea gotta go bye and with that I ran away from him with Carrie.

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