His kid

What happens when Niall leaves Mary for a model then 3 years later comes back and sees mary for the first time but has a child and Niall doesn't know the child is his will there be romance or will Mary hate Niall forever.


1. my daughter and me

I woke up with my daughter Carrie crying."baby what's wrong" " I am hungry!!!. Ugh always like her dad oh and sorry I didn't introduce my self I am Mary and I have a daughter that is 3 years old her name is Carrie Horan yes the Niall Horan from one direction. He left when I was pregnant he didn't even know I was pregnant I was gonna tell him the day but he broke up with me.my friends keep telling me to tell him that he has a child but I refuce I don't want him to know that he is a father.

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