Im half a heart without you

this FF is about harry styles along with the rest of the 1D group when there famous and harry meets an amazing girl, but how can he make her his? read more to find out...


2. Date?

~~Harry’s POV

I was sitting at home with nothing on my mind; the boys had gone out so I was alone. I was listening to the cars outside on the busy streets, as I lay on the leather sofa my legs out stretched and my head leaning against the arm rest. I stared at the corner of the room where a spider had started to form a web. It gracefully started to create an amazing net, beautiful, that word it reminded me of someone…
Suddenly my tail of thought was interrupted by a loud ringing. I bolted up right startled by the noise.
It was just the phone.
I ran my hand through my mop of curly hair as I stood up and walked over to where the ringing was coming from.


Jenny POV
I muttered to myself.
“Hello?” a soft voice spoke into my ears. The sound of his voice sent a shiver down my back.
“Harry?” I asked even though I could instantly tell who it was by his voice.
“Jenny!” I felt him smile through the phone, “I was just thinking about you” he said thoughtfully.
“You were?” I blushed.
“Yes, I can’t get you off of my mind” this made my cheeks turn even redder. I wasn’t sure how to reply so there was a slight awkward silence, but that didn’t smoulder the sparks that were flying through the telephone cords between us.
I popped the question
“Err... I just wondered if you wanted to hang out, I have nothing to and I don’t know we could go get some food, not like a date not that I was thinking about going on a date with you not that I wouldn’t go on a date with you”
“Stop” he said calmly. I was rambling with nerves. Thank god he interrupted me.
“Sorry” my heart was pounding.
“Ha-ha, it’s okay I would love to go on a ‘date’ with you” he teased.
“It’s not a date!” I jokily shouted.
“I’ll pick you up at 5?” he said
“Okay” I replied and the hung up.
I put the phone down and lent against the wall.

Harrys POV
I was so glad that niall introduce his sister to me. She was mesmerising. Everything she did was hypnotising. I just wanted to be next her. To hold her. Kiss her. 


author note

the first chapter said she was harrys gf, so the rest of the chapters are explaining how they got together :)

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