LIFE: a Luke Hemmings fanfiction

You may think your life is hard. Life on the road isn't as easy as it seems. The money, fortune, fame. But what the story behind all that?


1. My Band

Lukes' POV:

"So we're taking the long way home..." That was a new lyric for one of our new songs on our album. Calum thought of it. No surprise there. He is always making the great lyrics. But not me I'm the youngest, so when I think of anything they're say,"Luke don't over think this. Were are the older ones so our minds are more mature. Let do the thinking." Then when we go on stage, I sometimes forget the lyrics. This may sound cheesy, but I feel left out.

Our personalities just aren't the same. Calum thinks I'm 5 years old. He talks to me like,"Luuuuuucas time for din-din😆! So, how was your recording session today😃?!?!?!!!! Did you have a hard time hitting those notes😓? Don't worry-you'll improve😄!" Then laughs at the other boys like, harharhar😂😂😂😂. He just doesn't take me seriously.

Michael on the other hand is a complete bully. Yes, everyone knows we hated each other. But we still do. I've have tried to resolve this feud multiple times, but when I try to talk Michael always interrupts with "huh" or "what".

Ashton, where do I start. The reason for this is because THERE IS NO PLACE TO START. We have no interaction at all. He doesn't care for my well-being what so ever. I think that he is deaf from all the drumming he's been doing, but #1.He wears earplugs and #2.I see him talking to the other boys all the time.

This is my life on the road.

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