Just a collection of lyrics by my favorite artists and animes!! If you have songs to suggest me with, I'll listen to them, and if I like the song I might put up lyrics! (P.S. I do not own any of the music or artists)


4. Lacrimosa - Black Butler II Ending Theme


In the growing night 
The moonlight shines down on my fears
And adorns all my wretched sorrow

Let it sing with fright 
Entwine and immerse in our lives 
We can't stop their dance in the dark 

The secrets you gave me 
Unravel into new meanings 
I can't see through the night
Even so I will run blind 

Lacrimosa once again 
I will love this world's beauty 
That is now gone 
Dead to my eyes
It vanished that day 
Shattered at dawn 

Don't let dreams show in your eyes 
Hide the light deeper inside 
With all the tears
You should have cried 
Tormented heart, 
You're tainted by your own fears 


Cutting through the night 
Are wheels of a phantom carriage 
That races from the dark as you wake 
Does it reach the light? 
You're left never knowing its fate 
'Cause you've been lured in the flames

Scream and cry 
'Till you die 
Plead and beg but you won't be heard [never]
By the gods and their ruthless ways 
[God's and their ruthless ways]
You're lucky if they're laughing 


Next thing you know we will be firewood
We'll be the ones burning down the town 
We will fade away 
And sins will drown 

[Once again!]

Lacrimosa once again 
I will love this blood-soaked land 
Where I was born 
Once so carefree 
But that was before
My world was torn. 

You don't need His forgiveness
Instead put your faith in me
I'll count the days sullied by tears 
I won't forsake 
You or this world 
Till I break




(Just so you guys know, Lacrimosa means 'Crying' or 'Weeping' in English)

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