Only You, Taylor



2. Chapter Two

I walk home with Kyle leaning against his broad shoulders.
“I’m telling you to be careful. You never know what’s gonna happen”, he babbles about.
I don’t listen.
We enter the house and go straight to my room. As we walk in, we drop our bags and toss our self’s on the bed. I turn over, facing him and huff.
“Look you shouldn’t be worried at all. You act like I like him and I don’t. He’s not my type. Plus I barely know the guy.”
“Then why did you agree to hand out with him?”
“I don’t know I just felt like going out. Plus you can’t say anything. Remember ‘It’s always good to try new things’.”
 “Actually it isn’t.”
“So what! He can manipulate you into doing something, anything.”
“You really think that’s going to happen.”
“No, Maybe but still. I just don’t want you to get I don’t know….hurt.?”
“Trust me I’m far from that. I’m gonna be fine.”
I scrambled over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I’ve always loved it when he was protective over me.
For the next half hour, we sat there, watching a movie. When I checked the time I got and started to get ready. I grabbed my striped sweater shirt, blue scarf, American eagle shorts, and espadrille sandals and toss it on. I let my hair out, fixing it into tousled waves. I grab my gold aviator sunglasses and place it on my face.
“Why do you look beautiful? I thought you said you didn’t like this guy.?!”
I smile and kiss Kyle on the cheek.
“Thanks”, I say grinning.
“Wait, take this.”
He takes off his Denim sweatshirt hoodie and hands it to me.
“No problem.”
We hear a car pull in as Kyle walks me downs stairs. We step outside and I hug Kyle before getting in the car. As we drive off, Dylan speaks.
“Who’s that?”
“Is he your boyfriend?”
“No. He’s my best friend.”
“Oh cool.”
“Yeah (I guess). So where are we going?”
“To the beach.”
“What for?”
“Right, ok.”
“Nothing just I never thought you take a girl to a beach for a picnic unless you’re trying to seduce her.”
He began laughing. “What do you see me as?”
“You don’t want me to answer.”
“OK then.”
When we got there it was beautiful. No wonder he took girls here. It was to sweep them off their feet. But that didn’t happen towards me even thou the view was beautiful. He wasn’t my type but then again who has a type. He set everything up and we just talked the whole time. He didn’t pull any moves on me and I was glad. I didn’t want .I didn’t really like turning down people too. Even if they deserved it. Wasn’t my job to.
Maybe people were wrong about him being a charm. Trying to seduce you into sleeping with him. I don’t know him that well so I would never know anyways.

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