Waking up

one of the largest battles in Mutant history and also a love story on the way. What will happen to Gen and Logan? will he turn into a monster or will he love Gen for who he is?

Gen was an ordinary girl before she met the professor and Logan, will she like these chances and chances she is given? or will she throw it all away?..


2. mind reading and Scott

The doors open, i flinch then I hear the sound of a motor on a wheelchair. Logan looks down at me and whispers to me white a re assuring look,

"It's just the professor Hun"

I nod my head in agreement then I turn around to see the professor, he smiles at me.

"Ahh Gen, I see that you have woken up, you were pretty close to dying" he says with his deep English accent.

I try to sit up but Logan keeps me down. I look at him angrily.

"Let me up Logan!"

He crosses his head and holds my Hand.

"You need to stay laying down you kinda fractured your collar bone, I'm sorry."

I mumble "fine"

I lay down on my back frustrated.

"Gen I'm here to read your thoughts, I need to know what Magneto did to you, and how he managed to almost kill you"

I sigh, "okay, fine"

The professor wheels his chair to my head "relax it will only take a second"

He puts his hands Next to my head, Logan shuffles away and stands next to the professor, I slowly close my eyes then a flash of green enters my mind. I feel pain I can't see anything argh make it stop, I hear Magneto laughing. Then I feel a warm tear roll down my cheek, screaming and shaking I open my eyes. It stopped thank god.

"I'm sorry Gen" professor x says and moves away. Logan moves back over and stands next to me.

"everything is gonna be okay I promise" Logan whispers into my ear.

"Uhh Logan can I have a word with you alone please" professor X says.

Logan nods his head and leaves the room leaving me alone with the unconscious cyclops.

"Wake up please cyclops, we miss you" I whisper to him hoping that he can hear me. I hear him groan and shuffle a little. Oh shit I think he is waking up.

"UHH SOMEONE!!! CYCLOPS HELP" he is waking up and his glasses are off.

The doors open to Logan entering the room running to get his glasses and putting them on him.

Scott (real name guys btw) shivers and wakes up with his mouth opening and gasping. AHH finally Scott is awake

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