A broken PS4 is all it takes for Hillary and Michael to fall in love. But one night Hillary makes a mistake that changes her realtionship with him.


12. You Remember!

Luke's POV

When I got home, I went into my bedroom and just sat there tweeting.

I tweeted: Hillary got in an accident. Baby is safe, she has memory loss. I don't know what to do. I tweeted this because that's really how I felt. 

Later that night, Calum called me and asked, "Hey, Michael, Ashton, and I are having pizza for dinner. Wanna come?"

I replied, "No I am not hungry."

He picked up on how I was feeling because he responded with, "Luke, man, I know... I realize... Even though Hillary lost her memory, you can not just be down and depressed. I am coming to get you on my way back to my place where we are hanging. Lucy, Ashley, and Cassie are gonna be coming over."

I started, "But..."

Calum cut me off, "No buts. I am on my way. See you soon." With that he hung up. He was right, i had to give him that. I just didn't think I could or would get my mind off of Hillary.

The whole night, I ate a small slice of pizza after being forced to eat it. Also, I couldn't stop thinking about Hillary and cried a lot.

That is how my week went. The most active I was was when I went to get Michael from the hospital. I had Michael and Cassie help me take care of him. I mentally couldn't take care of him.

One day, I woke up to Michael crying and my phone ringing in the middle of the night.

I picked it up and said, "Hello?"

I heard the doctor on the other end, "Mr. Hemmings, Hillary has her memory back."

immediately perked up, "Really? I will be there as soon as possible. Thank you." 

I quickly got Michael ready and didn't bother to get out of my pajamas. Of to the hospital we went.

There, I went up to Hillary's room as quickly as I could with Michael with. 

When I walked into Hillary's room, I walked over to her, put Michael down and kissed her like it was the last time I would kiss her. 

I said, "Hillary, I missed you so much," as I sat down in the chair by her bed.

She said, "Luke, I am sorry. I shouldn't have even been driving. Is the baby okay?"

I picked him up and gave him to her. I watched as she talked in a sing- song voice to him. I started crying. 

Hillary looked up and asked, "Luke, why are you crying?"

I said, "I am just happy that you and our baby are okay."

All three of us ended up falling asleep.

We woke up when the doctor walked in the room. He said, "Okay, Mrs. Hemmings you are ready to go. Just go to the front desk and get checked out."


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