A broken PS4 is all it takes for Hillary and Michael to fall in love. But one night Hillary makes a mistake that changes her realtionship with him.


8. Wedding Day and Honeymoon

I woke up that morning to realize that it was my wedding day. I got up and tried to muffle my screams as much as possible.

I didn't do too good of a job because Luke woke up and said, "What are you screaming about?"

I said, "I get to Marry you today. C'mon let's have breakfast. Lou is gonna be here soon so we can go get me ready."

He reluctantly got up and followed me out to the kitchen. I made us bowls of cereal.

Lou knocked on the door and said, "Hillary, We gotta go and get you ready at your mom's."

I got up kissed Luke and said, "I will see you later Luke," and went off with Lou.

My make up and hair took about 3 hours. It took about 20 minutes to get my dress on and ready. 

All there was left to do was wait for Lou to get ready and then wait to walk down the aisle with my mom at my side. 

I stood ready to walk down the aisle.

When I looked up and saw Luke wearing his tuxedo, I started crying. I couldn't hold it in.

Somehow I managed to say my vows and finish the ceremony. 

When it came time for our first dance, we did the classic dance. The whole time, I stared into Luke's eyes. I got lost in a trance. He was just, I love him. I can't explain it. I was looking into my husband's eyes.

Later that week, we left our house we got together in Calum's hands so we could go on our honeymoon.

We went to a 5 star hotel on the coast of Australia. Right outside of our window was The Great Barrier Reef.

On our first day there, we went snorkling. Then most of our time there, we were in bed talking to each other and kissing. The feelings I felt toward Luke can never be explained through words.

On our last night, I asked, "Luke, what is true love?"

He said, "No words can explain it, like no words can explain what I feel for you."

Sadly, we left the next day. 

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