A broken PS4 is all it takes for Hillary and Michael to fall in love. But one night Hillary makes a mistake that changes her realtionship with him.


14. Luke's Sick Day

Luke's POV

I lay there in the bed listening to mumbles of Hillary talking on the phone. I like knowing she is here with me. Oh gosh, here it comes.

As soon as I puked, Hillary came in asking, "Oh my gosh. Luke it is okay." She pat my back until I was done.

I said, "I am sorry. I just didn't eat and the food I ate was bad. I hadn't gotten food since a few day before you got in the accident so a lot of the food had gone bad."

She said, "Luke, when I was on the phone with Calum he told me you hadn't eaten. Oh Luke. Come on. We are taking you to the living room so you can put your head on my lap." I got up, holding the bucket in front of me, still a little nautious. 

When we got to the living room and my had was settled in Hills lap, I fell asleep. I was so tired.

Hillary's POV

Luke had fallen sleep on my lap, his arm hooked around my knees. He looked so cute. 

Suddenly, Michael started crying. I tried ever so carefully to get up and not woke Luke. my efforts failed. Luke got a mad look when I got up.

I heard Luke go into our bed room while I was feeding Mikey.  Okay, I can't take care of two boys at once especially when one is sick.

I called Michael, "Hey, Michael? Can you come get Michael? Luke is sick and I need to take care of him."

Michael replied, "Yeah. Cassie would love that. We will be there soon." 

I said, "Thank you. I will make some coffee for you two." He hung up after that. 

I went into Luke and I's room. 

He was crying, "I hate being sick."

I went over and sat next to him. I said, "Luke, I really wish you were better too. I am gonna make you some chicken soup."

I got up to go to the kitchen and make some soup and coffee for Michael and Cassie.

When I got back to Luke, soup in hand, he wasn't there. I heard sounds coming from the bathroom and knew he was in there. I put the soup down and brought the bucket full of puke in there to clean it out.

Luke was leaning against the wall next to the toilet. I went over, flushed the toilet, and cleaned the bucket out. I said, "Michael and Cassie are coming to get Michael and watch him while you are sick. C'mon. I made some soup for you. It is in our bedroom. Why don't I run a bubble bath for you. "

Luke said, "You're an amazing wife. I love you." I smiled at him. I got our bubble bath out and ran the water. 

When the bath was ready, I got Luke out of his clothes and into the bath. I went to get the soup from our bed room so I could spoon feed it to Luke. 

After about 10 minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I said, "That must be Michael and Cassie." I got up got the door for them.

Michael said, "Hey Hill. Where's Luke?"

I said, He is in the bathroom in the tub. He's having a bubble bath."

He said, "Can we come in?"

I said, "Oh yeah. Sorry. Uh Let me get you some coffee and then I need to get Michael ready. You can sit on the couch." I went to put the coffee in mugs and gave it to Michael and Cassie before I went to get Michael ready.

When I was done getting Michael ready, I put him in his car seat thing and brought him out to Michael and Cassie.

I said, "Really thank you. This is a big help. His diapers, bottles, formula, and clothes are in his bag. I gotta get back to Luke."

Michael said, "No problem. Anything for you." I gave him a weak smile and walked away.

When I got back Luke, he had begun to feed himself the soup. I asked, "Hey babe, how are you?" sitting down next to him. 

He looked up at me, "I feel okay. Still a little sick. I would feel better if you kissed me."

I said, "Hey, I am not kissing you until you are better."

He smiled, "You can't blame me for trying." I laughed a little. He said, "That's cute how you laugh."

I said, "Well, I am gonna shampoo your hair. Give me that soup bowl." He gave me the bowl and I went over to shampoo his hair. 

When I was done with that, I helped him up and out of the bath. 

He saw when I smiled and asked, "Enjoy the view?"

I laughed, "Yeah. You always were the secret flirt. You always seemed so innocent then bam you were a flirt."

He said, "Well, I can only flirt with you now so get used to it." I rolled my eyes as I handed him a towel to dry off. He said, "Nah, can I just like, put a towel down and sit on that?"

I said, "Someone is feeling better. Your lucky I love you. Let's go watch a movie in our room. I am gonna change though." 

When I was done changing, my phone started ringing. It was Calum.

I answered, "Hello Calum."

He asked, "So how is Luke?"

I said, "He is good. Sorry to give you the mental image but he is naked on our bed watching TV. He got out of the bath and wanted to stay naked."

Calum said, "Okay? Uh well Just wanted to make sure he was okay. I will see you later Hemmings."

I said, "Later Hood." And he hung up. 
Luke was laughing a little probably because I told Calum about him being naked.

He said, "I love how you said that so casually. Like you didn't even smile."

I smiled, "Well, it was hard. What do you want for dinner?"

He said, "Uh, we should get pizza."

I asked, "You sure you feel up to that?" He nodded to me. 

I went and ordered the pizza and sat next to a still naked Luke, waiting for the pizza.

I looked up at Luke to see he was staring at me. I asked, "What?"

He said, "You're beautiful." Before I could say anything, Luke was kissing me.

When I pulled away, I said, "Luke, how did I get so lucky?"

He smiled at me, "I don't know. But you did."

Finally, the pizza arrived and we almost ate the whole thing. 

After we lay there for a while just talking. 

I said, "Luke, I'm tired."

He kissed me, "Well I guess you better get to sleep." It didn't even feel like ten minutes and I fell asleep hugging Luke. I must say that was one of the most different days I have ever had.

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