A broken PS4 is all it takes for Hillary and Michael to fall in love. But one night Hillary makes a mistake that changes her realtionship with him.


13. Going Home

Luke's POV

When we were walking inside, I said, "Hillary, if you wanna go to sleep you can. I can take care of Michael."

She replied with, "No I think I am fine. Luke, are you okay? You look pale."

Hillary's POV

As we walked in, Luke ran to the bathroom. I lay Michael down in his bed and went to the bathroom where Luke still was. 

I said, "Luke, you are not okay. C'mon get up."I walked him to the bed and he lay down.

I then asked, "Luke, what is going on?"

He said, "Nothing, I'm fine."

I looked at him, "Luke I am gonna call Calum and find out what is going on."

I walked out of the room, truly concerned about Luke. He was my husband  and I loved him. Why was he like this?

Calum answered, "Hillary! Are you out of the hospital?"

I said, "Yeah. I need to ask you something," A hint of concern in my voice.

He said, "Is everything okay? Okay, what do you need to ask me?"

I asked, "Do you know what is wrong with Luke?"

He sighed, "Well he was completely heartbroken when you lost your memory. He was depressed and wouldn't eat."

I said, "I was wondering because when we got home, he ran straight for the bathroom. I have him laying with a blanket and bucket next to him."

He said, "I am sorry Hillary. Do you want me to come over? I am with Ashley though."

I said, "Only of you want to. I don't want you too come over if it too much of a bother."

Calum said, "We will be there in a few."

I said, "Oh Calum, you don't have to."

Calum said, "Well, I guess I won't. Ashley isn't the happiest when she wakes up. I will check in later. Stay a Hemmings."

I replied, "Stay a Hood." He hung up after that.

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