A broken PS4 is all it takes for Hillary and Michael to fall in love. But one night Hillary makes a mistake that changes her realtionship with him.


9. Bun in the Oven

Luke's POV 

It had been about a few weeks since we have gotten back from our amazing honeymoon. 

I woke up to Hillary getting up and running to the bathroom. I ran to be by her side. 

I said, "Hill, everything will be okay. Oh gosh, do you think you are pregnant?"

In between throwing up, she said, "I don't know. I should take a test."

I replied with, "Do you want me to get it?"

She answered, "No, stay please. Just have Michael get it."

I called Michael to tell him.He said, "Yeah, of course. I will be over there as soon as possible." With that he hung up. 

I went back to Hillary who had stopped puking. She said, "Can I lay down?" She was half asleep when she said that. I picked her up and carried her to our bed. I put her down and covered her in a blanket. I then got a bucket for her and crawled under the blanket with her.

I guess i had fall asleep with Hillary because I woke up to a knock at the door.

I got up to get the door. It was Michael.

He rushed in saying, "Where is she? Is she alright?"

I said, "Michael, calm down. She is okay. She was just puking. I think she might be pregnant. She is sleeping in our room."

He turned around to say, "So that's what you did on your honeymoon. I knew it." I stopped for a moment and blushed a bit. 

When we got to the room and Michael knelt down next to Hillary.

I layed down next to Hillary and said, "Michael, you can lay down in the guest bedroom or do whatever. I am gonna go back to sleep. Plus, Hillary is still sleeping."

Right then, Hillary said, "I am awake but I am still tired. Michael go away."

I laughed a little as Michael left the room. 

Hillary rolled over and cuddled up to me and said, "You are the best husband ever."

I replied, "You are the best wife ever." Soon after that we fell back to sleep.

I woke up only a few hours later, Hillary still sleeping. I started playing with her hair. practicing braiding. 

After a few minutes, Hillary woke up.

I said, "Do you wanna take the test now?"

Hillary answered, "I guess so I can get it over with. I will be back with the news."

A few minutes later, Caroline came out with a huge smile on her face.

I said, "Are we gonna have a baby?"

She ran over and hugged me, saying, "Yes! We are gonna be parents!" 

Instead of waking Michael up and telling him alone, we called over the others for brunh.

Hillary had made eggs, bacon, toast, and waffles. We also had some fruit and juice. Michael was a little mad that we told him he had to wait to hear the news.

Finally they got to our house. Ashton asked, "Why did you call us here?"

Hillary said, "Guys just sit down."

When everyone had their plates of food and was sat down, Hill said, "Okay so I know you guys are wondering why you are here. Well, we have some news." She took a bun and put it in the oven.

Michael said, "Bun in the oven? Oh! Bun in the over. Wait you are pregnant?"

Everyone looking at Hill, she said, "Michael Gordon Clifford is correct." 

Calum said, "Aw, congrats. When did you fond out?"

I said, "Well, today. Hill here had morning sickness. I called Michael so he could get a test because I didn't want to leave Hillary alone."

Ashton said, "Luke man, you are a great husband."

I said, "Yeah I know. I was told that this morning." 

Everyone pretty much left after that so Hill and I sat around and had a lazy day. She talked about what she was gonna dress it in, what color she was gonna paint the walls. Calm down Hill, we don't even know the gender.

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