New Girl


1. Chapter One

Ashley's P.O.V.

I slammed my new bedroom door shut as I was a bit upset we had just arrived to Australia and I hated it we left behind my very few friends and my older brother Daniel just because my mom had a job offering here.

"NO SLAMMING DOORS ASHLEY OR YOU WILL BE RESTRICTED FROM YOU NEW IPHONE FOR A WEEK" mom yelled at me yeah she loves me just has been a bit harsh lately since dad died when I was twelve I used to go to public school then when I started getting bullied mom switched me to homeschooling but I'm going back to public school. I'm not your average blonde I'm very smart yes I got a tattoo without my mom's consent technically I did I told her to sign a paper and that it was for a mail delivery and I took it to the tattoo parlour and got one tattoo and a lip ring to match.

"Yes mom" I yelled back getting into my PJs calling it a night. I woke up to my alarm going off I turned it off getting up and getting in the shower cleaning myself from my nasty stage and once I got out I pulled on my turquoise skinny jeans and sleeping with sirens band shirt and put my vans on. I curled my hair it's naturally curly but I like it in cute curls.

"I'm off to school mom" I said waving bye at her it's year twelve for me since I was homeschooled for quite a while I am only seventeen too just turned seventeen. I got in my new car and drove to school parking in the very back and running inside the building to avoid the stares I was getting.

"Hi I'm Ashley and I'm new here" I said quietly.

"Ahhh good to finally meet you here is your schedule and your books an we got you a guide and he just showed up" the lady said from behind the front desk and I turn to see a boy like around my age with very colourful hair.

"Hey I'm Michael you must be Ashley" he said and I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah I am" I said and he took my schedule from me seeing what all I have.

"You have AP Math, then GT English, then music, and last but not least physics today" Michael said impressed as we walked down the halls side by side and I noticed a crowd and chanting of 'beat him beat him' from the crowd and I looked to Michael curiously.

"Who are they beating up?" I asked sadly and I was hurt because that used to be me.

"The kids name is Ashton Irwin he moved here last year mute as ever here at school as he shows up with bruises and crying most everyday I hate it but I'm afraid to stand up for the poor lad" Michael says sadly.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because there was a kid last year who stood up for Ashton and he started getting bullied as well and he had committed suicide because of it" Michael said and I grinned mischievously at Michael.

"Why are you grinning?" Michael asks.

"Oh no reason" I said as I had a plan up my sleeve an we arrived at class and we sat in the back and students filled the classes and I noticed a boy who was a bit bruised up and he sat down in the only empty spot.

"Well good morning class" our teacher Ms. McKinley greets us and everyone but me said good morning back.

"Well we have a new student Ashley would you like to say something?" Our teacher asks and I sunk in my seat.

"No ma'am I wouldn't" I said sheepishly and everyone turned back around to face the teacher.

"Today we will be learning about..." I drowned her out thinking about my plan to stop this freaking bullying.

"Ashley would you like to tell me about what we are talking about since you aren't paying attention" Ms. McKinley says asking me and I repeated every single word she said in the past thirty minutes and everyone was gawking at me.

"What!? I have been taught this already as I was homeschooled since I was nine years old I forgot what it was like to go to an actual public school up until now I kind of regret my mom moving us here" I said scoffing rolling my eyes and class went on. When the bell rang me and Michael left.

"Did you mean what you said about you regret your mum moved you here?" Michael asks sadly and I sighed.

"Not by much but she is just so annoying and like I said I used to be in public school but hated it and went to homeschooled" I said harshly.

"Why did you hate it though?" Michael asks and tears formed in my eyes.

"Let's just say I know how this 'Ashton' guy feels" I said and once we made it to our second class we sat in the back again.

"You mean to say you were bullied? And beaten by your bullies?" Michael asks.

"Yes and yes now can we just drop it?" I asked as a tear falls from my eyes I hated crying it showed me that I'm weak but brave and I hated looking brave and weak.

"I'm sorry" Michael says abruptly and we listened to our GT English teacher Mr. Parker and I finished my homework assignment and turned it in before the bell rang.

"Nerd" Someone growled loudly and the class bursted in laughter except the boy who was badly bruised and Michael and I kept walking back to my seat with my head up and before I sat down I spoke.

"At least I'm not a procrastinator nor a failure in my studies" I said harshly and Michael 'oohhhed' at the snarky comment and the guy with the bruises smiled at my comment.

"What did you just say?" The boy asks.

"You heard me" I sassed still standing and he stood up angered and he walked up too me trying to scare me and intimidate me.

"I don't know who you think you are but you don't come to my school and tell me off like that or else" he threatened and I laughed.

"You really think I am scared and intimidated by you? Yeah I don't think so I am somebody who can kick your ass before you can call me out and this isn't your fucking school because it's not your property and you don't pay the bills here you idiot you don't run nothing" I snapped back at him and he looked taken aback by what I had just said.

"You should be scared of me and intimidated by me" he hissed even more angered.

"Oh sweetie don't you see I am used to this so it doesn't phase me one bit I took on someone ten times your size babe so don't get your hopes up" I said.

"Yeah and when I beat your face in don't go crying mommy and daddy" he hissed and I laughed bitterly.

"What dad? I don't have one he died you fucktard I don't give two shits about what you say about me it ain't gonna hurt I have always been strong I will always hold my ground no matter what" I said glaring at the boy.

"Oh so I see daddy has left you I can see why too your so ugly that he couldn't stand seeing your face" he spat and I bitterly laughed again.

"Go ahead but all of what you say will come back to bit you in the ass" I hissed and he returned my glare and once he sat back in his seat I sat in mine glaring at the wall for the rest of the period.

"Well that was an eventful session" Michael said once we started heading to the cafeteria but not before the jackass Jake who was talking shit in second class showed up in front of me.

"Oh look the nerd is talking to a punk huh Mikey come sit with me at lunch" Jake said glaring at me.

"I don't think so" Michael hissed glaring at Jake and Jake was mad.

"Oh is little Jake here going to be throwing a little tantrum here in the hallways?" I asked pouting my lips and as he swung his fist at me I caught it before it could hit me in the face and I twisted his arm and pushed him down with one hand.

"Leave me alone Jackass" I hissed and continued to walked with Michael.

"You are one cool chick" Michael says giggling at me and I grinned and shrugged as we got our food and sat at a table with like only two other people.

"Ashley this is Luke and Calum lads this is the new girl Ashley" Michael introduced us.

"Hi" I said sitting down.

"Hi we heard what happened in your second period class it's all around school I'm finally happy to see someone stand up for themself" Luke said and Michael and I laughed.

"Yeah that was pretty cool but the best part was he was about to punch her on our way here" Michael said excitedly and I laughed.

"How is that good?" Calum asks him.

"She caught his punch twisting his arm and pushing him down with only one hand" Michael said shocking the two boys and they grinned.

"So you find any guys your crushing on yet?" Luke asks and I laughed.

"I just got to this place like last night at midnight it was just a shocker to me I was here on time" I said grinning and the three giggled.

"So do you play any sports?" Luke asks.

"Yeah just one and that soccer otherwise known as football here and in England I'm from America" I said making a face.

"Ah I play as well" Luke said and we high fived.

"What is your most favourite food?" Calum asks.

"Speghetti" I said grinning.

"And Pizza and lasagna" I said and they all grinned.

"So you were homeschooled before you came here why?" Luke asks and I looked down.

"I was in public school before my mom took me out when I was nine years old because I was being bullied and beaten" I said and they frowned and I finished eating and threw my trash away and Jake and his possé ganged up on me as a crowd formed around us as I was beating them in their own game and the four of us left the lunch room and to our music room.

"Ashton your late" Ms. Milder states and we were given an assignment we had to be in groups of five Ashton ended up being in my group.

"Oh look the fag has joined the sluts group" Jake comments and I clenched my jaw.

"Shut your fucking mouth Jake I have came this close to turning to a real bitch your pushing your luck here" I hissed standing up in my seat.

"Wow the slut speaks again!" Jake comments.

"Let's not forget the fag who is to scared to speak" Jake continues.

"Are you done? Even though I know your not finished call me whatever you want I won't believe it I might not be the prettiest fish in the sea but I'm not the ugliest fish either and yeah call him that why don't you not like anyone cares" I hissed but I wasn't finished and Ashton put his head down ashamed.

"Actually there is at least one person here who does care I may not know him at all but I care not for him but I care about him he may be mute or whatever but never judge a book by it's cover and he is still a human being and if you want to bully him and beat him you have to go through me" I hissed and when Ashton heard what I had to say he looked up and was shocked at what I had said Luke, Calum and Michael smiling glad someone is sticking up for Ashton.

"And in order to get through her you have to get through us" Luke said motioning to Michael, Calum and himself.

"So if you have something to say about Ashton you have something to say about the four of us I don't care who your mom and dad are I couldn't give a shit about it because I would be with the four people I care about in this school I may of just met them today but I feel like I have known them since forever" I hissed standing my ground and he turned back to his group and I sat back down with my group.

"Did you really mean that?" Michael asks.

"Yes I did everyone deserves a chance right? I'm not going to judge a book by it's cover so why would I judge someone by what they look like I mean you boys a pretty cool boys even if I don't know much of you Ashton" I said and he smiled at me and nodded.

"So how are we going to practice for this assignment?" Calum asks.

"Here I will give you guys my number text me where to meet you guys at and don't think about giving me a ride I have my own called my own hot rod car" I said grinning and they laughed even Ashton laughed and he frowned and looked at the four of us.

"Um but I-I d-don't have a w-way to g-get anywhere" Ashton stutters to us and I smiled.

"Ride with me my mom doesn't care if I have company so just ride with me to mine so I can grab a few things then when one of them texts me we can ride to where we meet up at" I said and he smiled at me gratefully.

"T-Thanks" Ashton stuttered.

"No problem" I said and we decided to meet up for the next week since we had to perform next class.

"Hey Ashley can we all meet up at yours for today and tomorrow our families are going to be having company" Luke asks me before I left the class and I thought for a minute.

"I'm not sure about that my mom likes the quiet so let's pray she will let us or not be home" I said smiling but my smile faltered to a frown and I sighed.

"What's wrong?" Michael asks.

"Nothing it's just I haven't played my instruments since I was twelve when my dad died he was always the one encouragingly to play and all since then I haven't set foot anywhere near them so I don't know how good I am anymore I used to be able to play all kinds of music and songs" I said smiling as we made our way to physics.

"Oh wow and hey don't let Jake and his possé get the best of you show off" Michael said and I laughed and nodded.

"Alright I will" I said smirking.

"Oh the teacher told me to tell you that you have to perform something totally alone next class" Michael informs me.

"Okay" I said cheerily but on the inside I was horrified.

"Alright class go to your lab tables remember three people to a group" the teacher Mr. Nickels said.

"Ashton" I whispered loudly and waved him over and he did eventually and the three of us went to a lab table.

"That's your groups to the end of the year" the teacher told us an I smiled.

"So what song are you performing next class?" Michael asks me and Ashton smiles at me.

"Um you will have to wait and see" I said grinning as I had no clue.

"You have no clue do you?" Ashton whispers.

"Not a clue" I muttered and Michael accidentally let out a loud laugh and the teacher looked our way.

"Is something funny Clifford?" Mr. Nickels asks him.

"No sir" Michael said and class went on and it was finally the end of class and I walked with Ashton and Michael to my locker put my things in there and we walked off.

"I will see you later remember my place at five" I hollered to Michael Luke and Calum and they all hollered back an okay they already had my address.

"Come on Ashton" I chanted and we ran to my car that was in the back so his bullies can't find him.

"Thanks a ton not only for lending me a ride but for standing up for me but you know that was a huge mistake on your part?" Ashton asks.

"I would of gotten bullied either way" I said quickly glancing at him then back at the road as I made it to my house and parked.

"Great mom is home" I said rolling my eyes.

"Okay listen here don't listen to whatever my mom has to say she knows I will be having friends over she will just be gushing I brought home not one boy but four and she is going to be annoying" I said and he laughed.

"Yeah I wish I knew how you felt my mum hates me and my dad is dead as well" Ashton said sadly and I hugged him.

"You didn't have to tell me that you know" I whispered in his ear and he let out a chuckled.

"I just had to get it off my chest with someone" he told me and I grinned.

"Let's go I have a basement to set up" I said and we walked inside my house and I heard banging from upstairs.

"Oh god" I groaned my face flushing red.

"I'm sorry about my mom" I said taking a shoe from the shoe closet throwing it at the ceiling and the banging went quieter.

"It's fine it could be worse" Ashton said laughing and I pouted and we went to the basement and started getting my stuff together.

"You have drums?" Ashton asks shocked.

"Yeah I kind of was in a band before we split up and I purchased all of our instruments so it all is mine to keep" I said and he grinned.

"You are the best" Ashton cheers quietly and I grinned and I heard a knock and ran to the front door opening it up to find Luke, Calum and Michael standing there.

"Come in and I apologise in advance for my mom for whatever she does me and Ashton were just setting up the basement" I said grinning and they followed me to the basement after closing the front door.

"Wow this is awesome" Luke said as there were about six microphones and the guitars one bass one drum set and one piano.

"Yup I purchased it all myself" I said grinning.

"So are we gonna practice our group stuff first or are you gonna practice you solo song?" Michael asks me well I did choose what I wanted to sing out of all the songs I know.

"I did finally decide what song I wanted to perform solo but we need to choose a song to perform as a group" I said and they all thought and Calum looked down embarrassed before speaking.

"I write songs is it okay to perform songs no one has heard of?" Calum asks and I laughed and grinned.

"Yeah the teacher doesn't care" Michael said and I smiled and shrugged.

"I don't care what we perform as long as I got a piano" I said and sat down at the piano and started playing one of the songs my band has wrote but stopped playing before the lyrics started and a few tears escaped my eyes and I wiped them away as quickly as I could.

"Why'd you stop playing?" Luke asks and I kept looking down not muttering a word.

"Love please answer him" Michael cooed and I closed my eyes you see my band members quit once I brought up auditioning for the XFactor.

"Ashley please" Calum said pleadingly and I let out a few more tears before I was now full out crying my head in my hands and I felt someone sit next to me.

"Tell us what's wrong love please tell me at least" I heard Ashton's voice coo as he brought me in a hug.

"My band remember I told you about how we split well they all quit on me once I mention- never mind" I said and shook my head and pulled away from the hug leaving the basement and went to the kitchen getting some food out of the fridge I eat when I'm upset don't judge me.

"Well look what we have here" I heard a mysterious gruff male voice say.

"Leave me alone" I muttered bitterly as I finished eating.

"A pig are we? And why are you eating your already fat enough" he said and and I growled under my breathe.

"I did nothing too you so quit acting like I killed your swag" I hissed and went back to the basement angrier than ever that was my moms boyfriend I never liked him when I showed up back in the basement tears were now rapidly streaming my face.

"I think it's best if you boys leave" I said calmly.

"Why?" Calum asks hurt filled his voice.

"Because my mom brought her stupid ass boyfriend with us if he sees you four and hears our music he will for surely do something about it" I cried out and they all looked concerned.

"I'm not leaving" Michael says stubbornly as he walks up to me and brings me in a comforting hug but it doesn't calm me down.

"Michael please you have to go not only will he kill me he will kill all of you as well" I said crying.

"You need to get out of here" Luke told me.

"I can't they will know I'm gone and where I'm at" I said and heard footsteps coming closer and we all hid somewhere.

"Ashley where the hell are you at!?" My mothers boyfriends voice yelled and I was hiding with Ashton at the drums with the cover over the drums and us.

"I'm not going to have to check that app am I?" He yelled and I silently sighed when I remembered I left my phone in the living room.

"Babe don't worry about her as long as she gets what she wants she won't be bothering us" moms voice says and Ashton looked at me sympathetically.

"Fine but I am gonna kill that bitch if she brought any friends home you know how I feel about all the friends she chooses their all either goody two shoes or punks never the people I was when I was in school I bullied people I was always so proud of myself and I want her to be the same exact thing" he said and I rolled my eyes as tears burned my eyes and I kept in my whimper as I was biting my lip.

"You know she can't be that person she is already punk as she already has a tattoo and lip piercing" mom said and I shrugged oh did I mention I have a dog? No oh well I do and it's a Pomeranian puppy loves me too death.

"Shut that dog up" Ron yelled and the dog hushed an the two left the room and when I got out from hiding my dog ran to me and picked her up.

"Hey Lala" I cooed silently and she began licking my face and the four boys came out of hiding.

"Boys this is Lala my dog Lala this is Michael Luke Calum and Ashton" I cooed and Michael reached out to pet her but she growled Luke tried next same result same with Calum.

"You try Ashton see if she growls at you" Michael says and Ashton goes to pet her but she started licking his hand and I smiled.

"Sorry boys she will always have her favourites and so far that's two people me and Ashton she will never go near anyone who she growls at unless you give her something called a dog treat and we don't have any" I said shrugging and the three were pouting and I put Lala down and she ran to her bed here in the basement.

"Now what are we gonna do?" Luke asks.

"Let's practice" I said and I sat back down at the piano.

"I will practice my solo song first it's called because of you by Kelly Clarkson" I said grinning and started playing the music and a few moments in playing the music I started singing and once I finished they clapped for me and I smiled at them.

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