The Purge

Emily Brown was just a nine year old when the first purge started.The year is 2022 and her dad dies durning the purge it's up to Emily and Harry to survive the night...will they make it through the night?


6. Times up you're dead

"You had your chance Mr.brown"

George and this gang put chains on the doors and windows Mr and Ms.Brown ran quickly and BAM! The shields fell down.

"Babe did you hear that" Harry said

"Baby we are gonna die" Emily said crying "No baby we'll make it trust me!" Harry explained to Emily. They got the guns ready and bulletproof vests on. Mr.Brown had his ax on his hand. Harry hugged Emily and gave a kiss on the lips.

Mr. Brown walked around the house and he saw Alex "DADDY NO!" Alex yelled and then the gang saw them "Run Alex run!" Mr.brown yelled Alex ran as fast as she can she went to her hiding spot " Alex what are you doing here?" Emily said "Shh we are going to get caught!" Harry said shutting them up "they're out there okay?!" Harry said

"Shhh..We won't make it," Alex said "Because we are all going to die."

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