The Purge

Emily Brown was just a nine year old when the first purge started.The year is 2022 and her dad dies durning the purge it's up to Emily and Harry to survive the night...will they make it through the night?


2. The night

"Oh Harry I love you so much!" Emily said as she kissed Harry roughly when things got off track. Alex was in the living room when people started coming towards her house since the browns were the richest family everyone was jealous so they wanted to kill the browns included Harry.

"DADDY!" Alex yelled in panic, "yes Alex?" Mr.brown responded, but what he saw was danger

Ok back to Emily and Harry, "Oh baby that was amazing!" Harry said, Harry and Emily always wanted a child so they didn't use protection. They put on there clothes and went down stairs to be with her family.

"Ah, The browns. You have one hour to give us 100,500 thousand dollars if you don't give the money to us, we kill you all!" George said laughing with an evil laugh

"Oh no.."Emily said , "We're going to die."

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