The Purge

Emily Brown was just a nine year old when the first purge started.The year is 2022 and her dad dies durning the purge it's up to Emily and Harry to survive the night...will they make it through the night?


4. Alex side of her life

Alex was scared and terrified. As a 11 year old you should be scared right? Alex wasn't like any other girl. She goes to therapy a lot and she takes pills but she doesn't talk really.

Every year alex goes to "secret hide out" so when something happens no one can't find her.

Alexandria brown was a quiet but a talented child she played violin but she doesn't have her violin with her she's in music school. Every purge night she doesn't sleep. Alex was really scared when she heard the word "Kill you all" she panic and ran away . Alex had a tough childhood. She didn't talk until she moved to another school pre-k through 4 grade. That's why she hated the purge Because kids would always say "we are going to kill you" that's why Alex Hates the purge

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