Beauty Of The Dark.

He gave her a light as well as a helping hand, though it did annoy her to start with. He even killed for her after only knowing her a few hours. Ever since Cain showed up at the bar, Eden did not expect to be on the journey she is on now. Confused and scared of who and what Cain is, she would push him away, swearing to keep his murder a secret. Of course, Cain can't take any risks of this happening. So this only leaves him with two options, take her or kill her.


1. The Stranger.

As another fight broke out in the bar, I yelled over to Tomo, our bouncer, to sort it out along with Richard who was already struggling with two men. Shaking my head at the drunks, I moved down along the bar to serve some more of our regulars. Mike tipped me ten pounds like he does every Saturday night before wondering back out to the dance floor to pick out his sleeping 'buddy' for the night.

Wiping the back of my hand along my forehead, I let out a breath as my cheeks flushed. The bar was packed tonight and the body heat made it seem suffocating. We even had on the air con on the lowest temperature, but we were all still sweating. Fanning myself with a beer coaster, I leaned over the bar to serve another customer.

"Southern Comfort and Lemonade."

"Gotcha." I smiled before taking a glass from under the bar and filled it with what the man ordered. "There you go, love. That'll be three pound fifty."

Giving the correct amount, I slipped it into the till before turning to see who else needed serving. Luckily, everyone stood near the bar had a drink in their hand, so I could have a two minute breather. Kelsey, the other barmaid, stood next to me as she looked out towards the crowed. "You want a smoke break whilst we're stilled for the minute? Marko said he'll hop on the bar for five."

Looking at Kelsey, I raised my brows. "Marko? Our boss, Marko?"

Kelsey would chuckle and nod her head. "I know, I nearly had a cardiac myself."

"Well, I ain't gonna say no." I laughed.

Pulling out the packet of smokes out of my pocket, I slipped off the bar and headed out the back door for staff. The cold night air engulfed the bits of my heated, bare skin that was on show. It felt like the steam would radiate off my skin as I lent my back against the wall, placing a cancer stick between my lips. Checking my pockets for my lighter, I cursed under my breath as my hands came back up empty.

Just as I was about to head inside and ask, a flickering flame would flash before my face. "Need a light?"

Staring ahead of myself, a man who seemed to have a pale complexion smiled towards me. And to say it was night time, his vibrant green eyes shone brightly under the blackened sky. "Thanks," I mumbled before leaning my cigarette into the flickering flame.

As I inhaled the toxic fumes, my gaze would wonder over the strange mans face. I knew straight away that he wasn't a regular, and from his accent, he wasn't even from England. I'm guessing Romanian.

Exhaling, I eyed him suspiciously. The man offered me a light, but wasn't even smoking himself. "So do you just happen to carry around a lighter with you everywhere?"

The stranger would chuckle lightly. "I'm a Marlboro fan." He would say before nodding his head towards the door. "I was just heading back inside."

Looking at the door of which I came out of, the words 'STAFF ONLY' were printed in big, bold letters. "Funny, you're not staff." I challenged him. I've met many drunks in my time, so this was nothing new. "And no-one was stood out here when I first walked out."

"Or so you think." He'd reply, his face emotionless before flickering his gaze to the floor and back up towards me again. "Look, I'm sorry. . .I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I'd literally just walked across the road to come here when I saw you cursing as you searched your pockets."

"Don't worry about it," I'd laugh before taking the last drag off the cigarette.

Throwing it to the the floor, I'd stomp on it with my army looking boot to put it out. "Thanks the for the light." Entering the code to the door, I pulled it open. Before stepping inside, I would smile towards the stranger as he stood watching after me. Seeing him smile back, I then turned back round and headed inside, hearing the door slam shut behind me.

Soon as Marko spotted me coming back onto the bar, he quickly through the towel near the register before heading back upstairs into his office. Ever since his divorce, though he's been acting a lot kinder, he's also been shutting himself away unless he feels like being social. Which is mainly never.

Hearing the customers shout at the bar, I sighed. In the space of five minutes, the bar has packed in more punters. Glancing at Kelsey, she looked back and we gave each other the same 'Fuck Sake' look before we took on the customers. After fifteen minutes, I had to call Marko back down and see if we could call in someone else in for the night since Luke rang in sick. Marko tried his best, but was unsuccessful. "There's no-one." He would tell me.

"There's you." I commented.

"I have files to sort out in the office."

"And you have a bar to run." I argued.

Marko would narrow his eyes towards me, but he was seriously taking the piss. I can understand he hasn't been himself because of his divorce, but even he said that you keep your personal life out of the bar and work hard whilst in the bar. He wasn't even following his own rule. Boss or not, it wasn't fair. And if he didn't help, the crowd would get nasty. Not only that, since Marko is tight, he only pays for two bouncers, when really we could do with four.

"I could help."

At the same time, Marko and myself would snap our heads to the side. The stranger from outside would grin towards me before looking towards Marko and holding out his hand. "Cain," he introduced himself. "I run a bar back home."

"That's good enough for me," Marko replied as my jaw hung open. Is he for real? We don't even know the guy. Fair enough, he was being kind outside, but how do we know he won't rob money out of the registers?

"Um, Marko." I nudged his side with my elbow. "Can I have a quick word?"

"No time. The customers are getting rowdy." He'd say without looking at me, his gaze still fixed on 'Cain.' "Eden will show you the ropes. I hope you're a quick learner."

"Oh, I have no doubt."

"Wait. . .Hang on." I tried to stall, but both men ignored me.

"Great, I'll leave you to it." Marko smiled before quickly disappearing through the crowd and back upstairs to his office. What a dick.

Cain would chuckle as he watched me stare the whole time Marko walked off. Turning my back to him, I jumped back on the bar and quickly started serving customers. Cain would follow my lead and watch what I was doing for a few minutes before I glared at him and pointed him towards a customer who was waiting to be served. I had no intentions on helping Cain at all. I didn't have the time. The bar was getting busier and the punters were getting more rowdy.

I turned my back for what seemed like only a minute, but when I turned back round, a guy was lent over the bar, filling his own pint pot back up. "Hey!" I shouted, snatching his pint pot and shoving him back. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!"

"Learn to serve, bitch!" He snarled.

Luckily, I must have caught Tomo's attention as I shouted at the drunken moron before me. Waving Tomo over, I told him to throw the guy out since he continued to give me shit at the bar as Tomo made his way over. "Jackass," I grumbled.

"You alright?"

Nearly jumping out of my skin, I turned to face Cain. "Yeah, I'm fine."


Two a.m couldn't have come quick enough. Helping Tomo and Rich kick out the last of the punters as Cain and Kelsey wiped down the tables, I sighed happily as I bolted the doors to the bar. I checked the toilets for broken bottles, as well as finding used condoms and ripped tights. Ugh, wonderful. I brushed them up with the dust pan and brush before throwing the items into the trash.

After everything was wiped down and mopped up, Marko gave us our money for working for the night before we all piled out of the bar. Marko held the door open for me as I ran out after setting the alarm. Slamming the door closed, Marko would check that it auto-locked properly before bidding us all a goodnight.

Kelsey got a right with Tomo from Richard, and Cain walked me to my car. As the shift ended tonight, I counted the tills, and it turns out we were eighty pounds up. I felt bad for judging Cain so quickly, but I was only being cautious. "I'm sorry for giving you a hard time tonight," I said as I turned to face him.

"Don't worry about it," He smiled gently, before taking a step back. "Get home safe and I'll see you tomorrow night."

That's right. Marko asked him to work tomorrow since Luke said he won't be in at all on the weekend. "See you tomorrow," I smiled as I gave him a slight little wave as he began to walk off.

Fumbling for my keys out of my bag, I heard crunching on the ground near me. Turning, expecting to see Cain, I saw the drunk who tried getting his own beer from earlier. "Not got your buddies now have ya'?" He'd snarl, his hand quick to grip round my throat as he pushed me back up against me car, causing me to drop my bag and keys.

I wanted to shout, but the tightness of his grip around my throat restricted me from doing so. I even tried kneeing him in the groin, but for a drunk, he was quick. He kicked his foot at my inner ankles, causing me to spreads my legs slightly so he could stand inbetween them. His body pressed up tight against my own as his toxic breath caused my nose to scrunch in disgust.

"Nobody is here, princess." A low chuckle would rupture from his throat before he licked his tongue up my cheek. My body would shake with fear as my eyes began to brim with tears. "They can't save you now."

Feeling his hand snake up my side, I'd let out a whimper.

A gust of wind would pick up around us, causing my dark, blonde locks to whip around my face. But suddenly, I could breathe and no hand was sliding up my side. Daring to open my eyes. I looked down to the floor to see Cain on top of the drunk who attacked me. Did he just growl?

Shaken, I picked up my belongings off the ground.

Cain slowly rised from the man, kicking his side. Noticing the man wasn't moving, I looked up towards his sleeping face, but gasped as I saw his neck drenched in blood. "Cain," I whispered before looking up at him. His eyes were ablaze of emerald green as his pale complexion was stained red.

I screamed. I screamed bloody murder.

Cain flashed before me, pinning me against my car, but not as harshly as the drunk did. His hand caressed my screaming mouth, causing it to mute. "Please, don't scream." He begged. And at that moment, I saw his incisors, longer than usual. He can't be.

I shook my head slowly under his grasp as the tears that rimmed my eyes began to fall. "Please, do not  be afraid." He seemed so sincere, but how could I trust a man - if he was a man - who killed a man?

Clenching my eyes closed, I turned my face away from his as I pushed against him. "Please, just go. . .I promise I won't say a word. . .Just. . ." I sobbed. Quickly turning my back to him, I tried to open my car.

Just as I got my grip on the handle of the car, I pulled it open before Cain's hand reached round and slammed it shut, his body dangerously pressing close to the back of mine. "I'm so sorry, sweetheart." Spinning me around, my eyes would grow wide as I watched him open his mouth before he buried his face into my neck.

Cain's arms would caress around my body gently as I began to go limp. My eyes would water as I stared off into the distance as a light gasp escaped my lips. "Please," I whimpered, feeling myself growing weaker.

His gaze would flicker in front of mine as his hand caressed my cheek. "Shh, you will just forget." He soothed softly. "Just sleep."


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