Beauty Of The Dark.

He gave her a light as well as a helping hand, though it did annoy her to start with. He even killed for her after only knowing her a few hours. Ever since Cain showed up at the bar, Eden did not expect to be on the journey she is on now. Confused and scared of who and what Cain is, she would push him away, swearing to keep his murder a secret. Of course, Cain can't take any risks of this happening. So this only leaves him with two options, take her or kill her.


2. Flashbacks.

A groan would escape my lips as I turned over under the sheets. My eyes would squint at the sunlight that broke in through the curtains, causing me to over lap my arm over my face. My head was pounding furiously. I didn't understand why. I didn't drink at all last night, and I had no headache whilst working.

Slipping out of bed, I trudged over to the bathroom, pulling some paracetamol out of the cabinet. Pouring myself a glass of water, I popped two pills in my mouth and washed it down with the water before I brushed my teeth and threw myself back on the bed. I feel like pure hell.

I must have stayed there for another few hours as I slowly came back round, my headache wearing off, and decided to take a shower. My neck ached, and when I touched the tender spot, I would groan loudly. I must have slept wrong.

After straighten my blonde locks, I went and made myself some dinner before chilling out for the rest of this Sunday afternoon before I head back into work at eight tonight. I slurped down yesterdays chinese noodles as I watched a re-run of CSI: Miami. I still had a few hours before I started, so once dinner was over, I dressed after so it saved me rushing about before I had to go.

Putting on a pair of healed ankle boots with my jeans, I grabbed my red polo shirt that I left on the bed and pulled it on. Raising up slighlty above my navel, I pulled it tight and tied the shirt in a knot at the back. Adding minimal makeup, which consisted of foundation and mascara, I quickly dabbed a bit of gloss on my lips and I was on my way after gathering my belongings.

Cain, our recent new employee, was stood outside of the bar with a cigarette in his hand and waved at me with his other as he saw me pull in. Flashing a small smile and a tiny way, I then turned my car in a parking spot. Hooking my bag over my shoulder, I hopped out of my Ford Focus, locked it and headed over to Cain, stealing his cigarette from his hand and took a quick puff on it before handing it back.

Cain just chuckled and shook his head. "Your welcome."

"Thanks," I laughed. "How are you?"

"I'm doing good," he smiled somewhat before he watched me carefully. "How are you today?"

"Doing better than I did this morning," I rolled my eyes. "Had a right stinking headache."

"Sorry to hear it."

"Thanks." I smiled, my eyes wondering over the car park. "Isn't Marko in?"

"We're out of ice, he's gone to the late night store to get some."

"Ah." I nod. "Well, I'll see you inside."

Walking into the bar, I waved over to Kelsey who was already standing behind the bar. She smiled, waving back before I disappeared into the back. Dropping my belongings onto the table, I grabbed a bar apron, tied it around my waist and headed onto the bar. Signing myself onto the register, I decided to wipe down the bar as Kelsey wiped down on the tables. We weren't going to be open for another ten minutes or so.

"Hey, Eden. Did you hear about last night?" Turning on my heal, I came face to face with Kelsey. I looked at her confused. Did I miss something? "They found a body in the car park outside."

"W-What?" I stuttered.

"Yeah, not long after we left. . ." Kelsey then looked away, seeming as if she was deep in thought whether to continue or not. Slowly her gaze rolled back up to mine. "It was the guy who gave you shit at the bar who was found dead."

I looked at Kelsey clueless. "What guy?"

Kelsey looked at me confused. "Eden, y-"


Startled, Kelsey and myself looked up towards Cain in the door way with both doors spread open as Marko soon followed through, ducking under his arm as he quickly headed to the bar with four bags of ice.

"Cold, cold, cold." He muttered, dropping them on the bar top.

"Here, I'll help you." Kelsey offered before eyeing me slightly.

Hearing a crowd of chatter, I glanced up towards the door where Cain once stood, a group of young guys walked in. Cain helped me serve them all, but just after we're finished serving them, another crowd walked in soon after.

For a Sunday evening, I was quite surprised how busy we were. Cain, Kelsey and myself had hardly any time to talk to one another like we usually would whilst working, but the punters kept on filling in. My neck still ached, but I managed to keep on going.  I think Sunday evenings have become my new favourite evenings in the bar. My tip jar was close to being full, which I haven't seen before.

As the crowd got smaller, I escaped outside for a while, knowing Cain and Kelsey could handle those inside. Placing a cigarette between my lips, I remembered a lighter and lit my cigarette, taking in a long drag. Resting my back against the wall, I exhaled slowly as I looked up into the night sky.

Kelsey got me questioning about last night. As far as I can remember, we had a smooth night. I don't remember having any problems with a punter. Surely I would have remembered that? I groaned slightly, slipping down the wall as I flicked my ash on the floor.

"You okay, Eden?"

Glancing up, Cain was stood in the doorway. "I'm fine. . .I think."

"You think?" He question, leaning down beside me.

"It doesn't matter," I smiled. "Just been a weird day."

The look on Cain's face said he didn't believe me, but he chose to leave it and stood back up. "Okay then. . .Just came out to check on you anyway. I'll see you back inside."

After he disappeared back inside, I was only another few minutes before I threw my cigarette butt on the floor. Raising back to my feet, I felt slightly dizzy. A white flashed seemed to consume me. Blinking my eyes open, I gasped as I saw myself stood behind the bar inside with my back turned to the customers.  A guy would lean over, filling his own drink, before I turned round and took his pint pot, pushing him back. Seconds later, Tomo would escort him out.

The scene set out before me seemed to blur, and before I knew it, I was stood in the car park. Cain walked me to my car before saying goodnight. I watched myself fumble for my keys before I was attacked by the man who was at the bar. This must be what Kelsey was talking about. Why don't I remember?

As I watched the punters hands slide up my body, Cain flashed out of no where and had him on the floor. I dared to move forward, to see what Cain was doing to the man, but as he raised to face me, as well as me stood here now, I screamed at the same time as I did in the scene here. He can't be real. Vampires are NOT real.

I wanted to cry for myself. There must be a reason I'm still here. And just as I thought that, I now know why. Cain sank his teeth into my neck, sending me to sleep.


Screaming, I jolted back and looked on with scared eyes at Kelsey. "Whoa, steady. Are you alright?" She looked at me with concern.

"Oh, um. . ." Straightening myself out, I moved the hair that fell on my face behind my ears. "Yeah, I'm. . .fine. Just feeling. . .off."

Just at that moment, Cain came bursting out of the back entrance. "I heard screaming, is everything alright?" Soon as his eyes layed upon mine, he facial expression suddenly changed. He knew that I knew.

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