My Collection

Just a collection of poetry that I write. Some other stuff might be thrown into the mix: an occasional character sketch or rant.


7. Short Story- Impossible

    “Hey, Kat?” I whisper to her. She is sound asleep on our bed. I wonder what she is dreaming about. I kiss her cheek and then her forehead. One of her eyes peek open and a smile spread across her face as she realized who woke her up.

    “Morning, Jake,” She says as she closes her eyes again. 

    "Awe, don't close your eyes! We have to get up!" I say and laugh a little. When she doesn't respond I decide to take drastic measures. I reach down and gently start to tickle her sides. Our room is immediately filled with her laughter as she wiggles around in my arms, but I keep a firm hold on her. 

    "ALLRIGHT!...I'll- get up!"She says between laughs. I stop tickling and lay back down next to her. She turns around and pecks my cheek before rolling out of bed. I sit up and watch as she takes her hair down from it's pony tail and starts to brush out the tangles. It was like I was broken from a trance when she spoke again.

    "It's too bad you don't have a snooze button," she joked. I smiled at her and got out of bed myself. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. We looked at ourselves in the mirror.

    "We are quite the pair aren't we," I smile as I examine how perfectly she fits in my arms. Her loose, gold curls hang around her freckle-covered face. I love her freckles. I am not much taller than her, but she always told me that she could never where heels around me because she would be taller. I always roll my eyes at this. I wouldn't mind being shorter than her. She unwraps my arms from around her and goes into the bathroom after grabbing her clothes. 

    "You go make breakfast. I'll be down in a second," she says. I nod at her and give her a quick kiss on the lips. She smiles and closes the door. I throw on a clean t-shirt and some slacks and head down to make breakfast. I grab two eggs and throw a few slices of bread in the toaster. I quickly cook our eggs: hers is over easy and mine is scrambled. I grab the toast and throw it on plates with our eggs. As I walk over to the table and set down the plates. When I come back with the OJ and glasses. Kat is sitting there and waiting. 

    "Good morning, Babe!" I say and giving her a kiss to the forehead and a glass. I sit down next to her and fill up our cups. We both watch the sun rise through our window as we eat our breakfast. I look over at her. She is so beautiful. You know... the quick kisses, the quiet breakfasts, the cheerful 'good mornings', these little moments don't look like much to anyone else but to me they are everything. My day is always brighter just because of the time I spend with her every day. I smile again and kiss her before returning to the view outside. She giggles at me.

    "I love you," she says. I look back to her.

    "I love you more," I return.

    "No, I love you more," she says.

    "Not possible," I state simply. Out of the corner of my eye I see her stick her tongue out at me.

    "If you love me more, You have to catch me!" I yells as she runs away from the table. I laugh quickly before running after her.

    "READY OR NOT!" I yell as I chase her around the house. Yup. There is no way she loves me more.

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