My Collection

Just a collection of poetry that I write. Some other stuff might be thrown into the mix: an occasional character sketch or rant.


5. Rant- China Heart

    Men, if you love a woman, don't break the love she has given you. The love The Lord has given the two of you to share is like a large heart made of china. It starts out pristine, beautiful, and desirable. This heart is the most valuable thing you can possess. The Lord gave you this woman's love to protect, care for, and enjoy. Every time she is hurt by you a small crack will appear. Maybe the crack isn't even noticeable. The small crack is easily repaired though. But every time after that first one, the crack will get bigger and new cracks will appear. Until, finally the heart will shatter. It will go flying to a million pieces flying far and wide. But that is not the time to walk away. Do not walk away from her hoping that she will fix her own heart or that another man will clean up your mess. No, you have to stay and fix the damage you did to her love that she trusted you with. You have to pick up the pieces no matter how far away they are spread. If you finally get the pieces back, you cannot just go back to the way it was. She holds the last piece to her china heart. Only she can put it back in place. It may take a long time for her to put that piece back or she may never put it back. But, If she does put it back, she will have you back. However, the heart will not be the same as it was before. It will be more fragile and more cautious. This heart put back together will never be the same. It will be worth even more because it has survived longer. But you will probably see it as the opposite: it is worth less because it was cracked. The love you share with her starts pristine. My advice, keep it that way or fix the cracks as you go along because once it shatters, it will take a lot longer to fix it than it took to break it. Men, love you woman. Keep the heart intact. Don't let it shatter.  

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