My Collection

Just a collection of poetry that I write. Some other stuff might be thrown into the mix: an occasional character sketch or rant.


14. Pop Quiz

Sometimes my parents

come ask me 

a question about 

some topic I should know


It's a quiz


They want to know if

I will answer the way

they want me too.

The easy way.


Do I tell them 

what they want to hear 

or do I expose how I

really want to say?


Do I tell them that 

I am not like them.

I am learning from mistakes

and forming my opinions.


I see the world 

with my own two eyes

and form assumptions

about life's mysteries.


I don't want indoctrination. 

I don't want to do it

how it has always been done.

I'll find my own way.


I'm sorry if you

do not like it.


I'm not sorry.


I can decide for myself

if the world is as 

cruel and deceptive 

and you say it is.


Maybe... just maybe

I want to see the world





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