My Collection

Just a collection of poetry that I write. Some other stuff might be thrown into the mix: an occasional character sketch or rant.


6. Poem- Thunder Stom

Lightning flashing everywhere,

Turning the once fluffy clouds,

A menacing shade of purple,


Thunder roars and rips across the skies,

Soon after the brilliant spear of light,

 That quickly scorched the Earths cold surface,


The prairie grass ripples in the strong wind,

Like long slim fingers,

Grasping for a long lost treasure,


There is not one sight more beautiful,

More gorgeous and wonderful,

Than the bright lights we call a thunder storm,


Fear grips the inmost being,

When we see the power,

 That this light holds in its slender fingers,


We soon discover wonder,

Toward these marvelous lights,

That dance across the sky,


For what these dancers do,

No human could ever do,

They are one of a kind in its majestic power,


Both love and respect are given,

To these curious beings,

That comes with a whirlwind,


The being that are only part,

Of the beautiful yet powerful,

Thunder storm.


*If you want to read more poetry skip to chapter 11!

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