My Collection

Just a collection of poetry that I write. Some other stuff might be thrown into the mix: an occasional character sketch or rant.


1. Poem- One by One

I sit alone in the field as the sun warms my face

The wind softly whistles through the tall stalks of grass and combs through my long blonde hair

Each strand, one by one

A gray bird with a bright red head lands on the sun-warmed earth

And he chirps a cheerful melody

Each note, one by one

The clouds twist and contort their shape forming new things

Each minute, each hour, each day

I watch as they each roll by, one by one

Soon the white clouds start to turn a charcoal shade of grey

And raindrops start to fall

Each drop, one by one

Lightning rips across the sky

Soon followed by rumbling thunder

Each bolt, one by one

“Better get inside,” I think as I get up from the grass that so warmly welcomed me

And I start dancing towards the house

Each step, one by one

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