Dont Look Back!

"Alisa please!" I heard him to yell to me "no! I'm not going back to you!" I yelled back tears streaming down my face "don't look back" I whispered to myself as I was walking away.

I'm Alisa and this my story of I learned not to look back.


1. Chapter1:This is me

1D not famous

Alisa's POV.

Hello!! I'm Alisa! I have reddish hair and big icy blue eyes. I love 5SOS Linkin park and imagine dragons. I live in an apartment in London(by myself.) I am 19 years of age (2months till 20.) I have an emo style. I do have piercings and tattoos but not a lot. I'm the type of girl who don't take shit from other people! Anyway.... Onto the story!


I went to the bathroom and stripped from my PJS and turned the shower on and got in. I immediately jumped back out. "Fudge" I mumbled. I put my PJS back on and walked over to my neighbors door and knocked.

"What?!" Lucas spat I realized he was only in a towel and that towel was wrapped around his torso and his hair was damp. "Damn" I mumbled "excuse me! I'm married!" He said to me "oh yeah. Anyway you used all the hot shower water" I said "and" he asked "it's to cold" I whined "sorry. Hang on" he chuckled to me and went inside and closed the door.

He came back out and said "go try it now" he told me "YAY!!!" I screamed and ran to my apartment.

I stripped back out of my PJS and turned the shower back on and got in. It was warm this time. "Ahhh" I said with pleasure.


I got out after 10 mins.

I got dressed into a black mini skirt and pink pumps and a pink and black stripe shirt and a leather vest. My makeup was pink eyeshadow eyeliner mascara and baby lips lipgloss.


I grabbed my pink beanie and my black purse and my iPhone 4S. I walked out and locked my apartment door.

"Going to your favorite stor again Ali?" The door man Liam asked. "Yes LiLi I am" I said proudly and headed out.

Me and Liam are friends I'm also friends with, Niall the receptionist and Zayn the greeter (he works with Liam) Harry the elevator man. Then there's Louis, I guess were friends? He never talks and he's the room cleaner. People say he went mute when he was 7 years of age.

I don't know if that is correct but it maybe is. I knocked out of my thoughts when I heard a high pitched "ALISA!" I spun around and saw my best friend "LACI!"

We ran to each other like in those sappy romance movies.

"I've missed you" I said and hugged her "same here!" She said and hugged me back. Laci was gone for 2 months in Egypt with her parents studying mummies. Laci wasn't like me at all! She was girly and was naive and dressed in high heels and wears pink like all the time!

"How was Egypt?" I asked releasing her "ugh! The mummies wear gross!!!" She squealed flipping her chocolate brown hair "yep your still a priss" I chuckled turning and walking away her right beside me "shut up" she giggled and slightly shoved me "so you got a new bf?" I asked her while wiggling my eyebrows "yes" she mumbled while playing with her curls. I jumped in front of her "spill!" I said grabbing her shoulders "his name is lance" she said wiggling out of my grip and walking beside me.

I turned around with her and we walked to my favorite store.


(A/N: hey how do u guys like it?? I hope u do like it. I will be working on the other 2! I swears it!!! Love you my Tacos$)

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