The Dream Of My Life (Justin/Niall)

Before all the fame and glamour of what society knows now as Justin Bieber. Was a 7 year old boy that live next door from Destiny. Long time best friend for about 12 years and still going on. Even with all the fame, they managed to maintain their relationship as best as they could.

"OMG Justin you don't have to come and pick me." said Destiny
" Yes I do, now shut up and turn around." Justin says demandingly
Justin was in his Friska Karma so no one knew it was him. Destiny hangs up her phone , and walks over to his car. She hops in the passenger seat, so he doesn't have to roll down his window.
" I like your shirt ." he said laughing
"I know. We should all get shirts that say I Love Justin Bieber." she said laughing and blushing
They both burst out laughing while he drove off.
"Where are we going? My school is that way retard?" she asked confused
"You'll see." he chuckled
"Justin" she yelled
"What, I promise they won't miss you as bad as I do for a day. "he said with a


2. Going Foward

~~" So, where are you from? " Niall said

" North Carolina." said Jaiden

" oh that's cool." Niall said

" I dont have any questions to ask you , because I know everything about  you. " she said blushing

Niall would usually be creeped out, but secretly he already liked Jaiden. He found he dorky,smart, and very very pretty. There was absolutley no secret that Jaiden liked him.

" Well, theres something you dont know but you cant tell anyone." he said hestiating

" I promise. I swear. " she said excited

She couldnt believe that Niall is actually trusting her when he barely knows her.

" I......was adopted when I was 3 years old." he said sadly

" Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know." she said

" Obviously, no one knows except for you now, Justin, and Destiny. " he said sacarsticly

Jaiden moves closer to him and gives him a really tight hug. As they pull away Niall rubs the back of his hand on Jaidens cheek. She is blushing really hard. Niall moves her hair out of her face, and moves in to kiss. As his soft lips touches hers, she embraces the moment that their in as if It was their last night ever living.


Justin;s P.OV.

I cant believe she kissed me back. Im so happy, I always thought she just wanted to be friends. Oh Shit!!!!! How am I supposed to date her if the paparizzi wont leave me alone. Man i absolutley hate the paps. UGH! What should I do? What am I going to tell My Beliebers? I dont want to hurt them!

"Justin what are you thinking about ? " asked Destiny

"Oh uhm.. I was wondering how we are supposed to date if the paps wont leave me alone."

Destiny looked suprised.

"What's wrong?" I asked concernedly

"Uhm its just i didnt know you wanted to date me." she said

"Do you want to date, im not going to pressure you into something you dont want to do?"

"Yes, of course I do but can It be a secret from the papariazzi. I dont want to be bumbarded with questions and deaths notes from Beliebers. Plus I know how important you are to them. Remember I am one and I know how it feels." she said blushing

"You have nothing to worry about." he said worried

"Okay" she said hestiaite

Destiny and Jaiden spent the night at Justins. Niall and Jaiden hung out all night watching movies. Destiny and Justin did the usual. Wrestle. Video. Games. Skateboard.

****Next Morning****

"Hey" said Niall

"Hi!" Jaiden said waking up smiling

"So I hope I didnt creep you out last night when I just kissed you like that"

"No. You for sure didnt. I was more so surprised you kissed me and barely knew me."

"Yeah. Me too. I really dont do that. Its just you have this very great sex appeal and your personailty is so damn attractive."

He shooked himself by saying that.

"Really?! I never in a million years expected Niall Horan to say that to me out of all people in the world."

"Even though I was supposedly your "future husband".

 Jaiden blushed uncontrollably

"Well that was just me being the crazed fan that I am."

"Its fine with me. I find it cute."

Niall sat next Jaiden and kisssd her on her forehead. As he pulled away she grabbed his hand and pulled him close enough to kiss him on his lips.


Destiny woke up and seen Justin was still sleep. She turned around and started jumping on the bed where Justin was sleeping.

"Hey." as Justin tackled her down to the bed
 "Hey" she said laughing
 Destiny fell right on top of Justin. Justin pushed Destiny back further towards his chest. As she leaned in he lent forward and kissed her. They both started breathing heavily. All of a sudden Justin stopped.

"Hey. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah sure. Go ahead."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Truthfully. No. I dont want to put pressure on you. With you thinking about the paparazzi finding out. And I dont to put the stress of your Beliebers to get you overwhelmed."

"I understand. But we wont have to hide if I tell My Beliebers. If my happiness really mattered to them they would love you just as much as I do."

"Yeah. I Know....wait you love me"

"Well yeah. Ive known since forever. of course I love you. But also in the other way to for quite a while now too."

"I love you too Justin. Im glad that we've had each other all this time."

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