Best Friends ?

This is the story of a girl named Ember Graystone . She has a secret crush on her Best Friend Niall. Yep that's right the Niall Horan . But then he moves away . Will they see each other again , and if they do are they still best friends ?


5. 5

Niall's P.O.V


When that girl had told me and the lads about doing the unthinkable , without a second thought we rushed after her , but man was she fast . I'm glad she was in such a rush because she had left her front door open . We all rushed to where we had heard whimpers .

" STOP PLEASE WE CARE ABOUT YOU DONT DO IT , " I screamed while me and the lads where banging on her bathroom door then all of a sudden it got quiet . We all looked at each other with panic looks , and without thinking I broke open her door .

When I had opened it I wish I hadn't . There she was lying in a ball of her own blood . But she looked familiar . Could it be ? No it was . It was Ember .

She looked at me shocked and she barely managed to choke out , " Ni-Nialler ? " then she went unconscious I screamed and Louis explained to me that he had already contacted 911 . While we were waiting I told the lads everything .

Harry looked at me guiltily and said , " Mate I hate to break it to you but I think you're the one who caused her to do this remember what she had told us at Starbucks .? " Suddenly it dawned on me if she doesn't make it I lost , no killed the person I cared most about in the work .

The person whom I lived .

And the person who I think I am still in love with .

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