Best Friends ?

This is the story of a girl named Ember Graystone . She has a secret crush on her Best Friend Niall. Yep that's right the Niall Horan . But then he moves away . Will they see each other again , and if they do are they still best friends ?


2. 2

That was 5 years ago and me and Niall still haven't talked since . I mean he has called , but I haven't answered because I knew what he would want to talk about . The kiss . But before you hear this crap of a story about my life let me introduce myself .

My name is Ember Graystone . I am 19 years old . I have long wavy brown hair , hazel eyes , and I tan fairly easy . Most people say I am pretty but I don't think so . If your wondering what happened when Niall left . You probably don't want to know . But I am going to be truthful .

I got bullied . I got hurt mentally and physically . I had no friends . And most importantly I started cutting . But I still went to school ; only because I wanted a good education .

I now live in London . I work at Starbucks . I live by myself in a fairly sized flat , but I still do cut because I think I do deserve it . Because I didn't know what I was thinking when I was kissing Niall .

He would always be talking about this mystery girl he liked . How she was smart . Amazingly gorgeous . And most of all had a great personality . I could tell that I wasn't his mystery crush even if he was mine .

I just wish I could take it all back , but at the same time I don't . The upside being I kissed the person I loved , but the downside being I ruined our friendship .

But there is still one thing though . I still love Niall Horan .

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