The adventures of luke and kari

Luke and Kari are finally happy together.

That is until the future subject comes up.

Luke doesn't want to talk about it.

Kari wants more.

What will happen to them now?


3. 3

Luke was upset.

Kari could tell by the way he sat in the doctors office.

He kept moving around, and shuffling in his seat.

Kari's name got called. Luke jumped up from his seat.

He gripped her hand, tightly. "Let's go Kari. Come on." His voice sounded unusually high.




"Kari. Let's go!" This time his voice was harsh, and cold.

They walked into the room.

Kari went through the procedure, and then they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Luke looked anywhere but Kari.

"Is it really that bad?" Kari asked.

"What?" Luke still didn't look at her.

"Me. Pregnant with your baby." Luke's eyes caught hers.

"Yes." He answered with no hesitation.

Kari turned away from him. "Well maybe I want a family."

"Well I don't." Luke said. His voice was harsh once again.

"Then maybe we-"

"Kari don't say it." He warned.


"I'm warning you!"

"Be together." Kari finished.

In an instant Luke was on top of Kari ripping her clothes off.

"Luke..." Kari moaned his name.

He pulled her close. "I love you. Only you." He growled.

"Oh Luke, I love you." Kari stroked his face enjoying the soft skin underneath her fingertips.

Luke placed his lips on hers.

They molded together like clay.

Wrapped around each other.

Every kiss, touch, stroke.

It was what Kari always wanted.

Until the doctor spoke. "Kari you are pregnant."

Luke froze.

Then he was gone.

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