The adventures of luke and kari

Luke and Kari are finally happy together.

That is until the future subject comes up.

Luke doesn't want to talk about it.

Kari wants more.

What will happen to them now?


1. 1

Kari watched Luke sleep.

He was so peaceful.

Luke pulled kari closer. "Why aren't you naked?" His husky voice asked.

"Luke!" Kari scolded him.

Luke's face curved up into a smile. "I'm just saying."

His eyes popped open.

Kari loved his blue-green eyes. The way they sparkled.

"How can you even tell?" Kari asked.

"I can always tell, Kari." He smiled a bigger grin at her.

"Well you have work mister. Now...AH!"

Luke's hands grabbed her closer. "Later."


Luke silenced kari with a kiss. "I'm a millionaire now. Work is easy."

"You just took over my fathers company." Kari giggled.

"Bleh." He waved it off.

Then Luke kissed Kari again.


Kari danced in the living room. She listened to songs.

Kari did a lot of awesome-

"Kari. Are you okay?" Luke asked worried.

"I was dancing." Kari glared at him.

" was uh horrible." Luke said and ran.

Kari chased after him. "Get back here."

He just ran.

"Small dick." Kari shouted out.

Then Luke ran back to Kari.

He shoved her against the wall. "What did I tell you about calling me that?"

"Not too." Kari smiled at him.

"Good girl." Luke smiled back.

Then he grabbed her and pulled her towards him. "Kari, I love you."

"Oh Luke I love you too." Kari told him.

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