Understanding Emmy

Emmy is misunderstood. Lucy, her best friend, is out of touch and nothing like her. Jasper, the person she is closest to, is going through his own problems. Whilst things get too much for Emmy to handle; her life spinning out of control as she tries her hardest to grasp the point and meaning of it all, she is made extremely aware of a new presence at her school. Four teenage lads. Her favourite band. They're gorgeous, incredible and extremely caring. What's more is that they're also misunderstood. Could this be the start of something new and exciting? New friendships or love interests? Read on to find out. Will any of them ever reach the point of Understanding Emmy?


6. Hair Styles and Hammers


“Lucy told me what happened.”

I drop my hammer to the table with a loud bang, staring at the small piece of aluminium metal I’ve been trying to sculpt into something artistic for the past hour. Right now it doesn’t look anything more artistic than a reflective, solid, clump of mashed potatoes.

I turn around on my heels, taking in the sight of Jasper. My hard jaw softens at the sight and I turn back to my desk, sitting in one of the seats and staring disappointedly at my work. “Nice hair cut.”

“Thanks Em. I wasn’t really sure it suited me though –what do you think?” His hair has been shaved quite short at the sides and evenly at the back –leaving it curly and purposely messy on top. On some boys, the ‘Fusey’ hair style looks horrible, but it actually suits Jasper’s pale blonde hair.

“I like it on you. Maybe let the side and back grow out a little bit more though.” My mouth threatens a smile but my mood contradicts it. Jasper laughs enough for the two of us anyway.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” He looks at me, then at my artistic block of junk and finally turns back to me with another sympathetic smile. “Hey, I know you told Lucy this seat was most definitely out of bounds, but would you mind if I sat here? I feel like you could do with some cheering up.” he points to the chair beside me and I shrug.

“I don’t know, is your name Lucy?”

He answers the question by taking a seat; smothering a smirk at my dry humour. “So you tripped, that guy Calum smiled at her, you got extremely jealous about her gorgeous appearance and personality…” He tries to recall the rest of a story. “Then you started acting like a bitch for no reason and walked off… with, and I quote, ‘your head stuck so far up your own butt it’s a miracle you knew where you were going’?” It’s not really a surprise that Lucy said all of that. “Want to tell me what really happened?” I smile at Jasper fondly. I can always trust him to see things for what they really are. He knows when he’s being told bullshit.

“It’s nothing…” I attempt, looking down at my hands anxiously.

He leans in closer to me with a pointed expression and a raised eyebrow. “So could you then explain to me why an extremely shy and sweet girl would end up flipping off her best friend in the middle of a crowded corridor? How exactly does that happen?”

I succumb to his request for an explanation. “I got super pissed off.” Jasper’s eyes start to relax as he leans back into his chair and waits for the rest of the story. “She’s just so self-obsessed Jas! Seriously, I don’t think I can deal with it anymore.”

“Trust me –we’ve all experienced that side of Lucy Jones, but you’re her best friend Em! You’re the one that’s supposed to be able to deal with that side of her.”

“I cant!” I whisper, confiding in him as both pairs of our eyes find Lucy in the opposite corner. She’s immersed in her work and facing the other direction. “She’s practically out of control.” I lower my voice. “And this has been going on for a while Jas… I don’t know if I can deal with being around her anymore.”

Jasper bites his lip, shrugging his shoulders. “Well it’s a shame… but I must admit you guys weren’t exactly hiding it… Anyone can see that you drive each other crazy these days. But you have to do what’s right for you… so if that means spending the rest of your school days with boring old me then you should do it.”

“Oh no, not boring old Jasper.” I turn my nose up at him and start to laugh. “I’m completely joking. You are not boring Jas –honestly.”

“I’m glad someone thinks so…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He snaps back to life, realising what he said.

“Oh… nothing. It’s just you’re not the only one being frozen out at the moment…”


Jasper just nods his head. “In fact, all of the guys. At least we’ve got each other huh?”

“Thanks Jas.” I say quickly, leaning forward and giving him a tight hug. My head rests his shoulder, but I’m suddenly made aware that Lucy is studying us. I narrow my eyes at her and she turns back around. “I don’t know what I’m going to do about Lucy though…”

“Well you can’t just ignore her for the next two years –it will make them pretty long and difficult.” He gives me a lopsided smile and I agree.

“I’ll have to talk to her…” Although I have no idea what I’m going to say. “But not today. I can’t deal with anything else that might push me over the edge, if you know what I mean.” I intensify my stare and Jasper immediately understands what I’m trying to say.

“Yeah of course. It’s not healthy for you to put yourself into that position.” He rubs a hand over my shoulder with compassion until he raises one finger in the air. “Hey, do you want me to give you a lift? That way you can avoid her walking home.”

“Ah, that’d be great Jasp. I’ve got to get to work too.”

“Okay then –it’s sorted. Meet me in the music room after the bell goes –that’s my last class for today.”

“Alright.” He jumps off of the stool with one more reassuring smile. “Oh and…” his eyes glide over my work top “Good luck with… well, that.”

“I need as much as I can get.” I sigh, chuckling at my pathetic attempt of a 3D sculpture as he walks back to his work station with a grin.


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