Understanding Emmy

Emmy is misunderstood. Lucy, her best friend, is out of touch and nothing like her. Jasper, the person she is closest to, is going through his own problems. Whilst things get too much for Emmy to handle; her life spinning out of control as she tries her hardest to grasp the point and meaning of it all, she is made extremely aware of a new presence at her school. Four teenage lads. Her favourite band. They're gorgeous, incredible and extremely caring. What's more is that they're also misunderstood. Could this be the start of something new and exciting? New friendships or love interests? Read on to find out. Will any of them ever reach the point of Understanding Emmy?


5. Don't Need Her Shit

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If there’s one thing you should know about Lucy and I, it’s that we are totally different, in almost every way possible.

She has voluminous brown waves –I have limp, blonde, waist length hair. She has curves and boobs –I’m skinny and flat. Lucy is completely and utterly fixated on boys, however I am not. And whilst Lucy is hoping to spend the whole of her education in and out of relationships, I am looking to get grades and experience –leading me to a further education in English Literature.

My aim in life is to start a career –move away from home. Lucy would be happy with a teen pregnancy and a dead end job here in London; never having to worry about money or mortgages under the roof of her wealthy parents’ security.

There was a time when it worked –a time when we were completely happy and supportive of each other. We smiled, and laughed, and talked and joked. Now we do nothing but argue.

Being opposites was never the problem. We liked to agree that it worked. Lucy used to say that we complimented each other – good cop, bad cop; we worked as a team and it was more effective than other friendships.

Looking back on it now, I can understand that we were just in love with the idea of friendship.

Lucy –a more positive, delusional and self-obsessed character- would probably disagree. She’d say that something just went wrong –that we started to drive each other crazy. It might have been her sudden desire for love, or my distaste of the unpracticality in teen relationships. It could have been my love for the education system that much grew stronger than her weak, failing grades… But I don’t see it like that.

We were young and immature –we couldn’t see the unavoidable truth that Lucy and I were just simply not meant to be. I guess I blame it on myself. As soon as we met each other we were drawn and suffocated. She was pretty, I was smart. We stuck to each other like glue and disconnected ourselves from the possibility of greater friendships. There are plenty of friendly people in our year –or at least there were until we made it clear to them that we were not approachable. We were friends that were not to be separated. No one was to come between our childish infatuations.

I guess one of my biggest regrets is not maintaining my incredible friendship with Jasper. Yes, we’re great friends now –but how much more comfortable could we possibly with each other be if I had not devoted all of my time to Lucy? It makes me sad to think that perhaps, I could still call him my best friend –but with less hesitation than I have now.


Lucy and I are walking down the corridor, on our way to the art classrooms, when I’m elbowed by my smiling, best friend.

“What?” I ask; frustrated by her smug, prominent cheekbones and the way her full, dark brown hair always falls in the most perfect shape.

“They’re there!” She hisses at me, elbowing me once again; most probably bruising my ribs through the thin denim shirt that I’m wearing. It’s actually my oldest brother’s shirt, so it’s baggy on me and I have to roll the sleeves up- but it goes great with a pair of black leggings and brown, leather, ankle boots.

I look up from my black, chipped nail polish in the direction that we are going and nearly stumble over my feet at the sight. Luke and Calum are striding down the hallway towards us –hard expressions on their faces as they ignore everyone’s stares.

“Talk to them!” Lucy orders me, and this time I manage to jump out of the way of her incoming, rib-breaking nudge.

“No.” I hiss back. Luke look’s great in one of his black Nevada vest tops and a typical pair of black jeans and pumps. Calum is also going for a similar look; however he is wearing a grey NASA t-shirt with rips in the shoulders. Cal uses a nearby classroom’s window reflection to check his hair and run his fingers through his fringe –giving it more of a quiffed look than before.

Lucy just sighs at me, her eyes automatically rolling as she puts on her best smile and turns back towards the boys. This is what I call her ‘ready-to-put-on-a-show’ look. “Well at least smile Em.” She dictates through the side of her mouth closest to me.

I just roll my eyes and keep walking, with my back slouched beneath my heavy bag of books –determined not to be distracted by them or get too frustrated by Lucy’s persistent behaviour.

Luke’s eyes dart to the side whenever someone walks past him keeping their eyes trained on his face. I feel quite bad. It’s like they’re the school’s new toys and everybody want to play with them; they don’t get another choice in the matter and it’s obvious that all of this unusual attention is making Luke in particular quite self-conscious.

I guess it’s different when it’s fans, because at least they can understand why they’re getting all of the stares. However I’m not sure that the group of fifteen year old football players in front of us have ever heard even one of 5SOS’s songs, meaning that it must just be because of the fact that they’re simply ‘new’ here.

“Come on Cal, we’re late for maths.” I over hear Luke say as he speeds his pace up, just several metres from myself and Lucy now.

They both break into a faster walk, reducing the distance between us even quicker; meaning that I’m not given enough time to look away before Calum stares straight at me and one side of his smile lifts up in remembrance. I too remember the way that he hugged me last week when Jasper helped to introduce me to the boys, but as I haven’t seen them since, I had forgotten to prepare myself for any sort of recognition from Luke, Calum, Ashton or Michael.

Shit. I trip –the toe of my boot making an awful sound on the non-slip flooring of the school hallway- and I only just manage to catch myself on time; using a nearby year 8 girl’s bag to stop myself from falling.

I look up in embarrassment, my face flushing red as whisper a sorry to the girl and turn around to see that Calum was watching me over his shoulder the whole time. He pats Luke on the back to get his attention and mumbles something to him, chuckling slightly. That’s great –just great.

I stop for a second and wiggle my toes in my shoe. It really hurt and now two of my idols will most probably be pissing themselves laughing at my incident the whole way up to maths. Is there any way that the ground could just swallow me up whole and erase my entire existence? I’d be extremely grateful if it did.

“You’re so clumsy.” Lucy exclaims in annoyance, sighing before asking if I’m okay.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I say, tears starting to brim in my eyes. A few other people who were standing in the corridor at the time are now either smirking in my direction or laughing. Pricks. They’re all younger than me anyway –you can tell by their identical school uniforms.

“Anyway, forgetting what just happened, did you see the tanned one? Calvin was smiling at me!”

“Calum.” I correct her through gritted teeth, the hatred in my voice practically slapping her in the face.

“I think he might like me! Next time I see him I’m going to go and say hi. You could come with me if you want?” He wasn’t even looking at her! He was smiling at me because he remembered me from when I talked to him! Okay… maybe ‘talking’ isn’t the right verb, but still!

“And what about Nick? You know Nick right? The guy you’ve been snogging, mostly in front of my face, for the past 10 weeks!”

She doesn’t even notice how pissed off I am until she narrows her eyes at my pained ones, and observes my flaring nostrils, as I hop around trying to massage my foot through my boot. “Jesus, what’s up with you?”


“Is this because you and Jasper are just friends and me and Nick are more? I’ve already said you should try to talk to him.”

She’s actually so fucking self-centred, it’s unbelievable –or at least it would be if it wasn’t Lucy we were talking about here. “You know what? I’ll just catch you later. You can sit somewhere else in art.”

“What? Em! Don’t be like that!” Lucy says, trying to laugh it off as she goes to grab my hand, but I pull it out of her reach and start to back away with my arms raised in short warning. I’m so pissed off. If she touches me I might just explode.

“This isn’t about Jasper. Don’t.” I turn my back, walking away and taking deep breaths.

I’m surprised it takes her more than a few seconds to find a retort. “Just cause you’re jealous, you don’t have to act like such a bitch!” She calls out as I kick my way down the hall and past all of the lounging kids in uniform. I raise my hand high in the air and flip her off –proving that I’m serious. Maybe she’ll take it as a warning and back off. I don’t need her shit right now. 


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