Another Day

Cass Maddox lives in a world where humanity is plagued by a disease called HC-SP 219 (HOMO COPROPHAGUS SOMNAMBULULITIC PARASITE BATCH 219). The disease causes a deformation of the human body, as well as disabling the functionality of the human brain, therefore transforming the human into a (once fictional character) zombies. Cass Maddox's main priority in this world is to live another day. Another day is all she needs to preserve humanity.


1. Prologue



Every morning you wake up, showing gratitude to God for listening to your nightly prayers, for giving you the morning sun to look at, and for giving you another day to live.

Every night you lie your weary body to rest, praying for another day to see the morning sunshine, another day where worries will dissipate, and another day to live.

Out of all these things, the one you desire the most is to live. But now, you'll wish the morning sun faded away and the nighttime stars disintegrated. All you can expect now is a mess of humanity, sickness, and dying people all in another day.

No one would ever want to live in that kind of world. The kind where you can't depend on God to miraculously save you, the kind where tears will fall every damned morning and night, and the kind where another day is the most dangerous thing that you once thought was beautiful.

In this world, there are only two choices:



Live Another Day.

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