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2. His Surprise Visit *Harry Styles*

You’re at school and you were with your friends. You were really bored in class but you were also missing your boyfriend Harry. Yes your boyfriend  was Harry Styles from One Direction. You missed him terribly since he was away on tour. Many people thought you were an attention seeker for claiming you were dating Harry Styles. Truth is both of you had been dating for a while now but he didn’t want you getting hate so you kept your relationship a secret.


You told your friends when the queen bee Tiffany heard and laughed at you saying an ugly girl like you couldn't date Harry Styles.


Anyways the teacher droned on and on about the French Revolution when there was a knock on the door. The teacher opened the door, and her eyes go wide with shock.


"Hello, may I come in?" you hear a familiar voice ask. The teacher nods, mouth agape and still shocked.


Harry walks up to you with flowers in his hands.


"Hello, Babe." he chirps kissing your cheek


"Hey babe, what are you doing here? I thought you were on tour?" you asked him


 "Tour ended early thought I would come and surprise you." he says shyly handing you the flowers


"Your the best." you chuckled


"You two are dating?!" Tiffany shrieks behind you.


You turn in your seat and nod slowly at her.


"You already heard, but you didn't believe me."


Suddenly, most of the girls in the classroom shot up  from their seats and rushed to Harry.


"Can I have an autograph?" "Can I have a picture please?!" the girls squeal


Harry looks at you apologetically. You smile and wave him off.


"Go ahead."


He smiles thankfully. The bell rings shortly after signally the end of school.


"Come on babe!" he takes your hand and walks you to his car. And you spend the rest of what's left of the day together.

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