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1. A Night to Remember

(Y/F/N)- Your First Name

(Y/BF/N)- Your Boyfriend's Name

(F/N)- Friend's Name

It’s senior year and a few weeks until prom. You are bummed out that you didn’t have a date and to make matters worse you hadn’t heard from (Y/BF/N).

It made you sad that you weren’t talking at all but he was probably busy. You had gone with your friends to go shopping for dresses. Most of your friends found dresses but you and (Y/F/N) were still looking for the right dress.

“(Y/N) how about this one?” (F/N) said holding up a gorgeous dress

“It’s perfect” you said grabbing the dress then walked into the dressing room. You changed into the dress and looked at yourself in the mirror. You walked out and showed your friend.

“Oh my god! You have to buy it (Y/N).” she said

You walked back into the dressing room changed into your normal clothes then you and your friend went to pay your dresses. You both said goodbye and you went home.

~Day of Prom~

There was no school for seniors since it was prom. You were going with your friends, and you still hadn’t spoken to your boyfriend. He messaged you saying he was busy doing something special for someone.

You took a shower, dried off, did your nails, put on your make up, and then carefully slipped on your dress. You did your hair, slipped on your heels, grabbed your purse then walked downstairs to see your parents. Your mom had a camera in her hand and started to take pictures of you.

You heard a car honk you told your parents bye and you walked to the car. You were greeted by your friends then you guys headed to the place where prom was being held.

~At Prom~

You had been for some time and it was like the middle of prom. You were sitting at a table with your friends when Jason McCann the cutest guy in the senior class asked you to dance. He had just broken up with the queen bee Megan Torres.

The two of you danced until he started leaning in. You on the other hand were leaning back sure you used to have a crush on him but you were happy with (Y/BF/N).

Before you knew it Jason was on the floor and someone crashed their lips to yours. When the person pulled away you saw (Y/BF/N). Jason got up and looked at your boyfriend. Your boyfriend was glaring at him when he said “Keep your hands off my girl.”

Jason left and your boyfriend looked at you smiling.

“What are you doing here?” you asked him

“I came to surprise my girl at her prom. By the way babe you are looking more beautiful than you always do.” He said

You blushed and smile he then leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was like a million fireworks and when you both pulled away for air; he looked at you and said “I love you (Y/N).”

“I do too (Y/BF).” You tell him

Then the rest of the night you danced and kissed every now and then. It was the best night of your life since your boyfriend came from (insert place) to be your date for prom.

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