Inspiring and Memorable Quotes

Here is a collection of my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter fandoms. If you have any quotes that you had in mind, please comment and say why (Optional) and I will add them! The purpose of this movella is to input a reassurance and hope to readers and remember to stay strong. "Sometimes, we have to walk through a dark cave to see the sunlit path at the other end." -Adroit. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover..


4. Luna Lovegood

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." Ootp

I know that when your brain is filled with all these things, all this knowledge, we may feel overwhelmed when we have to learn new things. We learn things in school, particularly school and think "When am I ever going to use imaginary numbers or analyze a 800 page book?" Yet, we may not know it, we are actually applying the things we learn in the classroom to the outside world. We are being intellectually healthy. Yes, there is such a thing called intellectual health. Remember, one can never have too much knowledge.

A/N: I know this was short. Sorry:( More to come later on. I have also updated Albus Dumbledore as well!. Please comment and critique.

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