The story of Kat

Kat may have the worlds most stupidest parents. They think it's a great idea to drag Kat from her home in Manhattan, NY, to Manchester, U.K.
Little does Kat know, this will be the place where she meets the love of her life. What surprises are to come? Find out in the story of Kat.


3. School

Jerks. Left me in a foreign country alone.

I grabbed my backpack and phone and phone and penny boarded to school.

I walked up to the front desk.

"My name is Katherine Riley.. I'm new here and I need my schedule." I explained to the lady at the desk.

"Oh! Of course!" She searched threw some drawers and pulled out a white paper and a green slip. "Here you are! First class is photography, which is upstairs to the left. My name is Ms. Crone."

I nodded and took the papers. It wasn't long before I found the photography class.

I took a breath and opened the door.

"You just press the green button to- hello?" The man teaching the class looked up.

"Umm.. Hi, my name is Kat. I'm the new student from America. Is this Mr. McClow's class?" I asked.

"Yes, have a seat and pick up a camera."

I walked in and looked around. There where three empty seats.

One was next to a girl who was glaring at me, one was next to a boy who kept winking at me, and the last one was next to a boy who waved my over... I chose him.

K- Hey, I'm Kat.

J- I'm Jake. Pleasure to meet you!

I smiled.


We talked throughout the class, not really paying attention.

The bell rang and I got up.

J- what class do you have next?

K- English. Mr. Bentley.

J- ohhh.. He's tough. Smile!

I smiled and he lifted up his big camera and snapped a picture.

J- beautiful. If you want, I can show you around town and we can work on homework, after school of course..

K- Id love that! Thanks Jake..


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