Star Wars: Behind The Scenes: Book II: Designing The Galaxy

The sequel is here! Your "ultimate look" was not complete...


2. Concept Art

George Lucas told Ralph McQuarrie that Darth Vader should be a tall, black, majestic figure with fluttering robes, possibly wearing an exotic helmet, like a Japanese warrior, with a black silk scarf across his face. Studying the original script, Ralph noticed that Vader first appeared jumping from one ship to another, so George agreed he should use a breathing system.

"George liked the mask that I did for Vader," says Ralph, "with the big goggles and so he said, 'That's great, that's fine,' and we just left it with that."

Ralph's sketches provided reference for costume designer John Mollo, who constructed Vader's costume to allow pieces to be removed quickly so the actor "wouldn't have to go around all day in the whole caboodle."

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