Once Opon a Time

A story involving a girl, and a boy, I will not speak the names. I want this to be a secret, if you want to know the info, read this story. I am seriously tired of giving all of the information of the story in a blurb.


2. Once Opon a Kiss

The next morning I wake up, wow, I sleep late when I don't have school. Graduating is sweet. Harry should be coming over in an hour. I don't get all dressed fancy. I just wear a shirt and pants. He likes me for me. Suddenly I get a knock on the door. It's Harry.

"Kaylee." Harry says.

"Come in." I say.

"So, we are a couple..." Harry says when he walks into my room.

"Yeah..." I say, feeling strange.

"So..." He says.

"Just kiss me." I say.

"Okay." Harry says.

He starts kissing me softly. It feels nice, at least it isn't hard. I push him against the wall. I don't want him to go away. But when he does, we talk.

"That was nice." Harry says.

"Yeah, you're a good kisser." I say.

"You too." Harry says, we kiss again.

I cannot stop, it's so... addictive. I cannot stop. His lips are so smooth, his kisses are so gentle...

Authors Note:

I am sorry this is so short, I wanted to do one chapter on the kissing scene.

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