Once Opon a Time

A story involving a girl, and a boy, I will not speak the names. I want this to be a secret, if you want to know the info, read this story. I am seriously tired of giving all of the information of the story in a blurb.


3. Once Opon a Bed

I spent the whole day kissing Harry, I don't know why. But eventually I need some sleep. So I do. But when I wake up, I get a knock on the door three hours after I wake up. That is okay. It is 3:00 PM.  I tell Harry to come in.

"So, want to go all the way?" I ask Harry.

"Sure..." Harry says.

I lay onto my bed, waiting for him to make a move. Harry puts his hand down my shirt. Rubbing my chest. As he does that, he kisses me. Harry reaches down to where my pants are. he zips them down, He gets down to my underwear and puts two fingers in. Which causes me to moan. Harry takes his shirt off. Ugh! I really want to get naked

"Ready?" Harry asked me.

"Yeah..." I said, shaking my boobs.

Harry took my shirt off, and my bra. Sucking my nipples. Oh, I am loving it! I took of Harry's shirt. He took down my pants and underwear. I did the same. I saw Harry's monster cock, I moaned just thinking about that thing in action. Harry stuck his cock inside of my pussy.

"Don't stop! DON'T!" I screamed.

"I am going to party on you like an animal." Harry said, he's dirty talk is so sexy.

Harry starts going bad, pumping me and making me sweat. I love that wonderful feeling that I get with him. Harry starts noticing how hard he is working.

"Uh, uh, uh!" he says.

"You can do so much better!" I say.

"Yeah, I can can't I?" he asks.

Harry pushes me against my wall. I can feel the pumping even more now. He gains more strength. He starts pushing me hard. But then, my pussy walls are closing in, I am soaking. But he is so good. 

"I have to come." I say.

"K." he says. "Just let me finish you off." 

"Okay." I say, I am exited.

Harry starts pushing his cock in and out, pushing harder and harder, than he stops. Me and Harry gasp for air. That was the best night ever.

"Can we do this every night?" I ask.

"I hope." Harry says..

We don't know what we are saying...

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