Finding him

A girl meets this guy who has cancer. They live far away from each other but they fall hopelessly in love. They meet once before but they don't remember. This is their story of finding the one and only. Please comment and tell me how you liked it. I'm not done righting, I'll add a chapter or two everyday until I finish.


5. the trip

I checked the planes out to Cali and the earliest one was midnight. So I Waited and waited until finally I got on my plane. The whole trip I sat by myself staring out the window hoping my would wont be as dark as the sky when I lose him.

When I got to his house he was waiting outside for me. I dropped all of my bags and ran to him. He grabbed me and pulled me in close.

" I love you! I can't lose you!" I sobbed into his chest

"I know, I'm sorry. I love you more then anything." He replied trying his hardest not to cry.

We walked in side and I curled up on him, with his arm around me

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