Preachers boy (magcon and one direction)


2. why live for him?

Carter's pov

BEEP BLOOP BOOP ugh my I phone needs fixed my alarm is all messed up haha I sat up and looked around it was saterday so I jumped up only to relise I was naked for some odd resin I looked around for my boxers but I could not find em so I walked into my bathroom and hopped in the shower it was hot water and it made my cuts burn but it felt good In a way I turnd of the water and grabbed my towel I rapped it around my waist and brushed my teeth then I walked into my room only to see my sister rosy on my bed. Rosy is 14 she has long blond hair and blue eyes heyy rose I said hey carterr she said carring the r a little to long umm we'll what do u want rose I said wants you carter she is worried about you she said back oh...I'll be right down ok I said ok carter she said back then I walked to my dresser and got out some plaid boxer brife's and some blue skinny jeans with a white v neck shirt and a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up and my white vans I quiff'd my hair and put on a snap back that said who do I live for. I slowly walked down stairs and I seen my dad and mom with Matthews mom I walked into the kitchen with them my mom hugged me ouch mom that hurts I said pulling away so...why did u want me mom? We'll Hun um Matthew has told his mom that last night he uhh..raped you she said WHAT!! I yelled back I thought we were friends but he he b-betraid me mom he lost all respect from me IM NOT GAY I grabbed my keys and got in my car I drove off to the nearest star bucks for a chocolate frap and I sat down to wait for my order they said 2 min so I'll just wait hear mr.carterr ur frap is done please come to the front desk please I got up when I got my frap the cashier lady was checking me out she started flirting so I think I flirted back or MABYE I was being weird I don't know but she gave me get number I thanked her then walked out I figured I should go see my uncle Niall Horan and ask him about bi sexual people since he lives with one I hedged over there and knocked on the door Liam opend it NIALL CARTER IS HEAR he yelled when I walked in I was engulfed in a huge hug ouch guys ur hurting me I said Harry looked at me and said lift up ur shirt so I did all the boys gasped WHO THE HELL DID THIS TO YOU Niall yelled umm...Hamilton grier I said ARE U BEING BULLIED CARTER zayn yelled at me we'll... ARE YOU he yelled again yes I am zayn I said back just then Liam grabbed my wrist WHAT THE HELL OCH I yelled Liam looked at me then turned my wrist so it was faceing him YOU CUT they all yelled yes I said softly but never mind that can I ask you somthing I said to change the subject we'll ya shure Niall said ok so my best friend we'll only friend matthew raped me while I was asleep should I still be his friend I said we'll ya of course zayn said he has been with you threw thick and thin right he finished we'll ya I said so don't abandon him carter Niall said to me oh ok I said thx then left I got in my car and heded home when a car hit my car and we slid across the rode damn then I blacked out.

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