Preachers boy (magcon and one direction)


1. about me

Hi I'm carter McCoy Renolds I'm 17 I have short light black hair with dark brown eyes I'm the preachers son I go to church every Sunday and I go to bible study and choir practise I only have one friend his name is matthew lee espinosa he is the only one who gets me. I'm bullied a lot by a kid named Hamilton but every one calls him Nash he hurts me he beats me and I really don't no why I mean there must be a resin for him to bully me I don't even no but it has to have a resin.

Carter's pov

I woke up at 9:00 and it's Sunday morning great I walked into my bathroom looking at my self in the mirror I saw all my scars from cutting and from when Nash beet me I washed my face then took a quick shower then got dressed in my white plain v neck shirt. And black skinny jeans with a suit jacket and my blue vans with my black glasses then I took another look at my self I did not look to bad I walked down staires " hey Hun do u want pancakes or bacon and eggs" umm bacon and eggs " orange juice or water" orange juice I walked into my living room my dad ( the preacher) was practicing his scripter I sat on the white lazy boy recliner and sat down then I turned on life time " boy do u no what day it is " yea Sunday " turn on the bible channel so we can see what god has done" uhh ok I turned the channel the walked into the kitchen hmmm were is mom ? " ok mr batcher I'll suck extra hard next time" she walked in so I asked what that was all about "oh nothing just talking to are nabour" uhh ok ( I'll get more info on dat later) "ur food is ready" ok mom I are my food then got in my camaro convertible and drove to Matthews house I waited for him then I texted him

C- hey I'm hear hurry up

M- oh lol sorry be out in a sec

I put my phone in my pocket then waited another min as he was walking out Nash came up to my car "we'll we'll we'll if it isant the preachers boy" Matthew ran to my car "SHUT UP HAMILTON" then he punched him he got in my car hey thx for what u did back there "nah it was nothing I'm just tired of him pushing u around and bullying you" oh we'll thx anyway we puled into the church parking lot and got out when we walked in my dad(the preacher ) was preaching about manners "now days people are bulling other people and getting away with it" that really got to me I started tearing up I wiped em away and pushed back all my feeling's and got up to play the piano wile the choir was singing there songs after church I went home and took out my phone a had a text from an unone number

U- ur a faggot u should just kill ur self

I ran to my bathroom and took out my razor I cut my skin with a trail of blood behind it. It felt good taking out all my feelings in a cut it also left marks so I can never forget it all those memories.


mrs. Renolds pov

Carter almost found out about my a fair with mr. Batcher next door he herd me telling him about the blow job that I gave him. My husband thinks we have a picture perfect family but we don't are son cuts him self and I'm cheeting and then mr.renolds is all about church.


Nash's pov

Ugh SHUT THE HELL UP MOM!!! "Hamilton don't u ever say that to me agin" oh right cas ur just the perfect mother right you deserve a meadle don't you? "Yes I do" GO TO HELL MOM!! I stormed into my room and slammed the door why does she have to be such a bitch just then I started thinking back to when hays have me Carter's number so y not text him let all my anger out on him in one simple text

M- ur a faggot u should kill ur self. Imstanintly I felt better bulling carter maid my day and I no it's wrong but hurting him makes me feel better about my self and my home if he kills him self if die bulling him keeps me alive

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