Same Mistakes

Sabrina is just a normal 17 year old girl with a 16 year old sister named Emily. Emily loves the boy-band One Direction, but Sabrina absolutely despises them! It's hard being a Directionator when your sister is a Directioner and gets mad at you when you make a rude comment about them. But what will happen when Emily forces Sabrina to go to one of their concerts and Louis flirts with Sabrina? Will Sabrina tell him to leave her alone or will she start to slowly fall for him? When Louis asks Sabrina if she will date him what will she say? Will she reject him or give him a chance? When Louis decides to make the first move and go for a kiss, will Sabrina kiss him back and will things happen they will regret later?


1. Daily Routine

Sabrina's P.O.V.

"babyyou light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair get's me overwhelmed!" I groaned as my sister's alarm clock went off. It kept on singing that horrible song until I had had enough and said,"EMILY GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP!!!!" She didn't get up so I said,"Alright! I guess I'm throwing away all of your hair supplies!!!" She jumped up out of bed and said,"PUT THEM DOWN!!!!" I laughed as I put her hair supplies down. I walked out of our bathroom and went back to our room. I grabbed an outfit to wear and then changed. Once I was done changing I went to the bathroom and saw that Emily was still in there. I groaned and said,"COME ON EMILY!!!! YOU'VE BEEN IN THERE FOR OVER AN HOUR!!!!" She yelled,"I'M DOINGMY HAIR!!!!!" I sighed because I knew this would take a while. I walked downstairs and said,"Mom! Can I use your bathroom?!" She looked at me weirdly and said,"Why?" I said,"Because Emily has been in ours for over an hour and I still need to brush my teeth!" She laughed and said,"Go ahead." I ran to her bathroom and found my toothbrush I kept in there. I brushed my teeth and then went back to the kitchen once I was done. 


 I sat down at the kitchen table and ate my cereal. Just then Emily came down the stairs and sar down next to me. She saw my spoons and screamed. Then she hit my spoon out of my hand andit went across the room. I said,"Why'd you do that?!" She looked at me and said,"Because Liam is scared of spoons!" I looked at her and laughed as hard as I could. I said,"Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!" She nodded and I stopped laughing as I mocked Liam. "Ooh look at me! I'm afraid of spoons! Ah! Spoon!!!" I was laughing so hard while Emily looked like she was going to murder me! I stopped and got another spoon to use. I'm not a Directioner like my sister is. I'm a Directionator as she calls it. It's really fun! I finished my breakfast and then grabbed my backpack, phone, and ear buds as I walked outside to the bus stop. 


 When the bus pulled up I got on and sat down in the very back. As I listened to Justin Bieber I didn't notice someone sit down next to me. I looked over and saw a girl who was about my age and her shirt said,"TRUE BELIEBER" on it. I said,"Excuse me. Are you a Belieber?" She looked at me and said,"Yeah." I smiled and said,"Me too." We exchanged numbers as we sat there talking about Justin. When we pulled up to the school I put my phone in my back pack and got off. When I walked into the school I went to my locker and opened it putting up my books I didn't need. Then I headed to first period to start the day. 

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