A Directioner 4 Ever

When Lavander's life is hell, what happens when her half-brother takes her on? How will she react when her half-brother is a member of One Direction? Her favourite.
Will her horrible father find her?


2. He's my half-brother!

We’d been in the car for 2 hours and I’d learnt that my half brother was 19 turning 20 next month; he had curly hair and green eyes. I was really excited to meet him. We were driving through Mullingar and I was listening to One Thing when a lot of screaming started. I looked out the car window to see a double Decker bus, and stood outside of it was... Oh my cheese crackers, Harry Styles and he were surrounded by girls.

“Say hello to your half brother.” The female officer said, “Stay safe, and enjoy.” She said as I got out with my bag and my mp3 player still blasting music through my earphones and she drove away. No way! No flipping’ way was the Harry Styles my half brother. I looked at my outfit and felt quite embarrassed as I had a 1D top on. Slowly, I walk over to the screaming girls and then they silenced when they saw me. Do I look that bad? My eyes welled with tears and a few escaped, a few girls started whispering. Harry came over and hugged me. Must not fan girl!

“What’s your name?” He asked as he led me to the door of the bus and helped me up with my bag and smiling at my top.

“Lavender Harriet Daniels.” I whispered, excitement pouring into my voice. What can I say; I was meeting 1/5 of my biggest idols. You’re my...”

“Half-sister. Hi sis.” He said loudly so that all the girls could here. “Come in properly, so you can look around.”  We walked into the main area on the bus and the door closed loudly behind us. The bus was.... Amazing! There was a massive TV with gaming devices and a sofa, a small kitchen with a fridge, sink, microwave, kettle, 2 cupboards and a toaster in, then there was a table with six seats, by the table there was a spiral staircase. Upstairs was a mess! Clothes everywhere, wires hanging across from plugs to bunks, it still looked epic though. There were 8 beds- 4 bunks- 5 had duvets on, a wardrobe and a bathroom with a bath in! Slowly, I walked downstairs as my legs had started to hurt from all the slapping and kicking Gavin and his mates had done too me, I quickly pull the bottom of my jeans up and sure enough, on my left leg was a purple bruise.


-3 days later-

We were in London and we were at their house: a massive kitchen; a big living room; games room in the basement; big-ish dining room, indoor pool; 7 bedrooms (I have the one in the attic); a garden with a trampoline, pool, swings, slide and a hot tub. I hadn’t met any of the other boys yet and I’d been quite quiet and I’ve hardly eaten a thing. Why? Because I’m fat and I’m scared Harry will hurt me. I was sat on my bed, trying to think of song lyrics when Harry came in. I was abut to shove my song book under my pillow but I wasn’t quick enough. Harry was there going through it, mumbling some of the words and smiling.

“Wow! How come you didn’t say you could write songs... And you can play guitar?! Actually, why don’t you say much, and why don’t you eat?” He asked softly, as my eyes filled with tears and I pulled my hair over my left shoulder.



Poor Lavender.

Here's the update!

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