Brothers bestfriend

Hi im Emily grier and im the twin to nash grier,


6. movies and arguments

                                                        Emily's pov

We got back to the house and we ate some dinner and decided to watch a movie, Nash knows I hate horror movies so he decided  to put one in, I was sitting next to Cameron and matt, and at every part something g scary would happen I would hide in cams chest but all of a sudden we both looked up and he leaned in and so did I and BOOM there were fire works but all of a sudden we heard "OMG WHAT DID I SAY EMILY I CAN'T BELIVE YOU WOULD GO AND KISS MY BEST FRIEND AFTER WHAT I TOLD YOU" Nash yelled so then I yelled "YOU DON'T CONTROL MY LIFE NASH" but Nash just got even more mad and yelled at me to go to my room so I obeyed and went to my room and cried, I think I really like cam but of course overprotective over there doesn't want me to date any of his friends.



                                                     Nash's pov

I can't belive they would do that, but it was prob all Emily cuz cam would never go behind my back like that, or would he?



                                                      Cam's pov

aw man I can't belive I did that bit all I can say is wow cuz I felt fireworks and it was the best kiss I have ever had but Taylor looks pissed off at me and so does Nash, I mean I feel bad I did that to Nash but I think I love his sister


                                                    Taylors pov

I can't belive cam and Emily kissed I mean I know we aren't suppose to like her cuz Nash said if we hurt her he will kiss us but she is gorgeous but she prob likes cam now after that, but cam knows I like her like why would he do that to me so I just went up to my room that I had here and went to bed.

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