Two sides to the girl justin knows

She's know Justin forever but he only knows some of her. There's a part of her he hasn't yet discoverd. It's there he just hasn't seen it. When will he find out? When he does will he be mad? Can he forgive her?
Read to find out.
This is my first book so please be nice


1. chapter 1




Fans were screaming so loud, no one could hear anything other than their screams. Backstage their was a teenage girl sitting at a desk looking in the mirror, trying to calm her self down. "Breath in Breath out" she kept repeating to her self. She already had her clothes on but her makeup was being put on by a makeup artist. Her hair was straighten to perfection. She had Carmel highlights in her brown hair.

"Ok I'm down" Her makeup artist said

Now all she had to do was wait for someone to tell her it was time for her to go.

She waited patiently in silence for another 3 minutes

There was a knock and someone opened the door. "Meg it's time to go".

She got out of her chair and walked to the door.

"Ok I'm ready"

She walked out and on to the stage while people where screaming her name

After the concert Meg comes back through the curtains with everyone congratulating her.

She smiled to everyone and went back to the room. She shut the door on her way in. She sat at the desk looked at her self and sighed. She took off her wig and her color contacts sighed and said to herself "that's much better". There was another knock on her door. " yes you may come in". The door was opened and in came her mom. " Hi mommy" "Hi honey how are you feeling" " I'm feeling pretty good, what's up?" "I'm glad you did amazing out there by the way and we are going over for dinner to the bieber house tomorrow night."" Oh ok". " ready to go home?" "Yes I'm ready".

*Sorry this is short. Hope you like it*

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